Brain Injury Journey Magazine - Annual Print Subscription

Brain Injury Journey Magazine - Annual Print Subscription

Janelle Breese, RPC,  Cassondra Brown, Lance Corporal Matthew J Brown USMC RET, Jane t Cromer, RN, MA, LMHC, David A. Grant, Marilyn Lash, M.S.W., Barbara Stahura, Certified Journal Facilitator, Dr. Janet Tyler, Rosemary Rawlins, Dawn Westfall

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Empowering personal stories, interviews with experts, clinical updates and research findings make this magazine a forum for enhancing hope and fostering healing after brain trauma. Written in an engaging and informative style, articles cover the lifelong impact of brain injury on children, adults, and veterans. Subscribe and this 32 page full color magazine is mailed to you 4 times a year.

This magazine is the one item we recommend to everyone living with, caring for, or providing services on brain injury. You will treasure each issue.

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Brain Injury Journey Magazine is published 4 times/year, 32 pages, 8 1/2 x 11, full color and will address a wide range of topics for families, survivors, caregivers and military personnel living with brain injury. As the leading publisher of brain injury information, we have made a commitment to produce a world class, very informative magazine suited for the TBI audience.

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Pages 32 pages, 8 1/2 x 11, full color
Year 2013


Janelle Breese, RPC, is an author, speaker, and counselor with expertise in grief, loss, life transitions, and brain injury. She resides with her family in Victoria, BC. She is the author of A Change of Mind: One Family’s Journey through Brain Injury and the upcoming book, Life Losses: Healing for a Broken Heart. Visit her website at  and follow her blog at She can be contacted at .

Cassondra Brown is the wife and caregiver of retired Marine Lance Corporal Matthew Brown. She is a stay-at-home mom who aspires to help other spouses through the struggles of living with someone with PTSD and traumatic brain injuries.

Lance Corporal Matthew J Brown USMC RET is an aspiring military author who has overcome many of the struggles of living daily life with PTSD and a traumatic brain injury and now has now made it his life goal to help others through these same struggles with his writing. 

Janet Cromer, RN, MA, LMHC, is a psychiatric RN and the author of Professor Cromer Learns to Read: A Couple’s New Life after Brain Injury. Janet speaks nationally on family and professional caregiver issues including stress resilience, traumatic stress, compassion renewal, seasons of caregiving, and creativity and healing. See more at

David A. Grant is a writer based in New Hampshire and the author of Metamorphosis, Surviving Brain Injury. A survivor of a harrowing cycling accident in 2010, David openly shares his experience, strength, and hope as a brain injury survivor. Recently recognized by the Brain Injury Association of America, David’s book offers real-world insight into life as a brain injury survivor.

Marilyn Lash, M.S.W. is President of Lash and Associates Publishing/Training, located in NC, a leading publisher of information on traumatic brain injury. A talented speaker and author, she presents across the US on the emotional trauma of brain injury for families and caregivers with a special interest in helping the wives of wounded warriors.

Barbara Stahura, Certified Journal Facilitator, is co-author, along with Susan B. Schuster, MA, CCC-SLP, of After Brain Injury: Telling Your Story, the first journaling book for people with brain injury. She presents journaling workshops around the country to people with brain injury, family caregivers, and others, and is a member of the faculty of the Therapeutic Writing Institute and the Lash & Associates speakers bureau. She lives in Indiana with her husband, Ken Willingham, a survivor of TBI.

As a special educator, Dr. Janet Tyler has not only worked directly with students with TBI, but she also trained educators to serve those students. For 23 years, she directed an innovative statewide program in Kansas that provided training and consultation to educators serving students with TBI and their families. She is now in private practice providing educational consultation and training services to school districts, lawyers, medical personnel, and parents of children with TBI. Dr. Tyler can be reached at

Rosemary Rawlins is the author of Learning by Accident, a memoir about her journey as a caregiver for her husband after he suffered a severe TBI in 2002.  She is also a blogger for the award-winning Rosemary serves as Project Consultant for the TBI Model System of Care at VCU Health Systems and works to improve the lives of caregivers and families facing the aftermath of TBI. You can learn more about Rosemary at

Dawn Westfall received her Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Eastern Illinois University. She works at HealthSouth Deaconess Rehabilitation Hospital in Eansville, Indiana, where she has specialized in treating adults with traumatic brain injuries for the past 22 years. For 12 years she assisted with developing and managing a community rehabilitation program that assisted individuals with a traumatic brain injury in getting back to work, school, and living independently.


In This Issue

Who’s Who in This Family Now?

By Rosemary Rawlins

Mapping New Directions in Caregiving

By Janet M. Cromer

The Slow Crawl of Brain Injury Recovery

By David Grant

Brain Injury and Grief: Fact or Fiction?

By Janelle Breese Biagioni

Make Your Life’s Story Better with Journaling

By Barbara Stahura

Where is the Love?

By Matthew and Cassi Brown

Families Caught in the Aftermath of PTSD:

The Invisible Emotional Wounds

By Marilyn Lash

TBI and PTSD: Navigating the Perfect Storm

By Marilyn Lash

Helping Children with Brain Injuries Succeed in School

By Janet Tyler

A Better Approach to Finding a Job after Brain Injury

By Dawn Westfall


Letter from Lash & Associates

by Marilyn Lash

We are so proud to introduce the first issue of Brain Injury Journey – Hope, Help, Healing. We spent a lot of time choosing our magazine’s title because we wanted it to reflect our philosophy as well as the needs, issues, and concerns we hear every day. Words matter, so we have chosen them carefully.

Brain Injury - We address all types of acquired brain injuries with those due to internal causes such as brain tumors, infections, or stroke as well as traumatic injuries due to external forces of collisions, explosions, assaults, falls, or gunshots.

Journey - Living with a brain injury is an ongoing process or journey that is constantly changing, challenging, and rewarding for everyone involved. There is no finish line with a tape to cross, cheering crowds, and a celebratory party. Rather it is getting up and facing each day with the conviction and purpose of rebuilding one’s life.

Hope - This   is what survivors, families, and caregivers tell us is so important. Hope is what sustains them in their darkest periods. Hope is the vision that lights the darkness and creates new possibilities for a better future.

Help - As the African proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child.” The same is true for brain injury. Help comes from many people and in many ways. The individual who survives a brain injury enters a community that is much larger than friends and family. It includes clinicians, therapists, educators, advocates, providers, insurers, and many, many more. They share the goal of ensuring that treatment for brain injury is more than just survival.

Healing - There is no fixed timetable for recovery. The healing process after brain injury is much more than a neurological recovery. Healing is multidimensional. Yes, it is physical, but it is also emotional, social, familial, and spiritual.

That is our philosophy, and that is the foundation for this magazine. We hope you find the articles, information, and insight valuable and helpful in your journeys, whether they be personal or professional. You are all valuable members of this very special community.

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