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eBooks on Brain Injury

eBooks on Brain Injury

eBooks for children, adolecsents, adults, caregivers and veterans with information on concussion, mild brain injury, blast injury, traumatic brain injury (TBI) and PTSD explain symptoms and treatment of mild, moderate and severe brain injury and post traumatic stress disorders.

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Defying Gravity: Rising Above Severe Traumatic Brain Injury eBook

Defying Gravity is a love story of a family that walks with their beloved airman as they begin their journey to overcome the devastation of severe traumatic brain injury.

While serving in the Air Force, Senior Airman, David Eric Rogers, II is catastrophically wounded in a car accident on his way to work as an F-16 Crew Chief. He has internal organ damage and multiple fractures to his pelvis and ribs, but his most critical injury is a potentially deadly and life-altering severe traumatic brain injury.

This account by his mother, Lauri Rogers, is deeply personal and emotional as she shares the family’s perilous journey filled with hope and fear. It gives readers insights into the complex system of military care and how families cope as they navigate the maze of treatment for traumatic brain injury.

Item: DEGR-eBook
Price: $10.00

Social Capital: The Key to Macro Change eBook

Shifting from the “micro” model found in so many policies and procedures that approach the person with a physical, mental, or emotional disability as “the problem,” this new book on social capital by Condeluci and Fromknecht offers a “macro” approach for human services in the community and for people with disabilities. By helping people find their commonality, disabilities matter less. This is an essential book for any provider or organization involved in clinical care, residential services, and support services. It will challenge readers to self-examine their policies and program models and recognize that we are all interdependent.

Item: SOCA-eBook
Price: $15.00

The Macro Change Handbook: Organizing For Advocacy - Formal Steps to Macro Change eBook

In his newest and fourth book on community inclusion for persons with disabilities, Al Condeluci focuses on the change process. Do you change the person who has a disability or special needs or do you change the environment? By addressing both, Condeluci explores the meaning and methods for micro and macro change. Taking a broader look at advocacy, he builds on the key concepts and theories of organizing with lots of examples of advocacy for both individual as well as systemic cultural change. This pragmatic approach to advocacy and community change is a practical handbook that will guide any advocate – family member, individual, provider or policy analyst through the nitty gritty of promoting and achieving real change for persons with disabilities and the community.

Item: MACH-eBook
Price: $10.00

After Brain Injury: Telling Your Story, A Journaling Workbook - PDF eBook

This eBook workbook guides survivors of brain injury and blast injury through the powerful healing experience of telling their own stories with simple journaling techniques. By writing short journal entries, survivors explore the challenges, losses, changes, emotions, adjustments, stresses, and milestones as they rebuild their lives. Journaling after brain injury helps written and verbal communication skills and provides cognitive retraining for following instruction. It helps promote self awareness as well as recognition of strengths and difficulties after brain injury. It is a tool for planning for the future and discussions with family members. Journaling can be done individually, in a group or with assistance from caregivers or family.

Read an interview with author Barbara Stahura.

Item: JOUR-eBook
Price: $15.00

Arnie’s MRI - PDF eBook

This children’s book - PDF eBook - is about treatment for a concussion, Arnie the armadillo falls off his bicycle. Because he isn’t wearing a helmet, he hurts his head and has to have a MRI. He doesn’t understand what this is so he is nervous about the examination. The story line and colorful illustrations help children understand why Arnie is a bit scared. Hospital staff address his fears about medical procedures by turning the MRI exam into an adventure. Arnie soon overcomes his fears and learns why he should always wear a bicycle helmet.
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Item: ARNIE-eBook
Price: $7.50

Billy Butterfly Tries - PDF eBook

A delightful story in eBook format with colorful illustrations for young children features Billy Butterfly as he tries to compete in the Insect Olympics with a sore wing. Written and illustrated by a survivor of a severe brain injury, this is a story of perseverance, hope and overcoming the challenges of having a disability. It is an excellent tool to help friends and peers be sensitive to the needs and abilities of children with disabilities. Billy’s story shows the importance of helping children try and the meaning of encouragement and support from friends and family.

Item: BILLY-eBook
Price: $5.00

Brain Development in Children and Adolescents - PDF eBook

This eBook helps parents and educators understand how the child’s brain develops and why an acquired brain injury can have both immediate and long-term consequences. It shows how a traumatic injury can disrupt the brain’s development and why changes may show up as the child grows up. By understanding how various regions of the brain develop, families and educators will recognize the relationship between an injury and changes in the child’s physical, cognitive, social, behavioral, and communicative skills.

Item: BDCA-eBook
Price: $5.00

Choosing, Finding and Keeping a Job after Brain Injury: A workbook and training program

A vocational training program for adults with traumatic and other types of acquired brain injuries living in the community includes 20 structured sessions with a workbook and CD with worksheets. Part One of the vocational curriculum helps survivors of brain injuries and blast injuries explore their interests, concerns and readiness for finding a job or returning to work. Part Two covers steps of looking for a job with attention to disclosure of a disability, on the job accommodations, resume preparation and interviewing. Part Three covers strategies for keeping a job and avoiding problems on the job.

The eBook version does NOT include the CD with worksheets.

Item: JOBS-eBook
Price: $15.00

ELVIN The Elephant Who Forgets - PDF eBook

A story eBook for children explains traumatic brain injury through the story of Elvin the elephant who has a tree branch fall on his head. It helps children learn how a brain injury can affect learning, emotions, behavior and relationships in school and at home. It shows the difference between physical or visible and cognitive or invisible disabilities and special needs for help in school.
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Item: ELVIN-eBook
Price: $7.50

Essence of Interdependence: Building community for everyone eBook

By exploring the roles, expectations, behavior and stereotypes of people with and without disabilities, Condeluci shows how to support the development, growth and independence of people with disabilities in their communities.
Item: ESIN-eBook
Price: $12.50