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Information on Blast injury and PTSD for veterans and caregivers

Information on Blast injury and PTSD for veterans and caregivers

Information on PTSD, blast injury, and brain injury for military

PTSD, blast injury and brain injury are the signature wounds of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan due to the high number of military service members injured in blasts caused by improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and rocket propelled grenades.

Concussion or mild brain injury and PTSD are common diagnoses among military service members and veterans.  The survival rate of service members with moderate and severe brain injuries is very high due to the advanced medical trauma care being delivered on the battlefield and emergency transport to trauma centers.

These books help service members, military veterans, families and caregivers understand the causes, symptoms, treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery process for PTSD, blast injuries, mild brain injury and post traumatic stress disorder.


Big Boss Brain: Learning about traumatic brain injuries

When a parent has a brain injury, a child’s world is irreversibly changed. “The often invisible effects of TBI are difficult for adults to fully comprehend; more so for children who are discovering the world around them,” says author Shannon Maxwell. “Big Boss Brain is our way of providing children with a vehicle to understand TBI and realize that they are not alone.” Colorfully illustrated, this book is an essential tool for parents with children in elementary and middle school.
Item: BBBR
Price: $16.00

Caregiving on the Homefront: The War at Home

Women caring for spouses injured in combat face a new war on the homefront as service member and veterans return home with PTSD or TBI. This booklet describes the effects of caregiving on marriages and children with suggestions for recognizing compassion fatigue, grieving losses, managing stress, and developing coping skills.
Item: CHFW
Price: $7.50

Daddy’s Home

As service members and veterans return home from combat and have symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD, their young children are often confused by a parent's actions and behavior. The initial excitement of having Daddy home (or Mommy) can change as children adjust to new routines. A parent's nightmares, short tempers, flashbacks, and avoidance can frighten and confuse children. PTSD can change a parent and this can be scary and upsetting for young children. This picture story book helps small children understand PTSD and gives reassurance of a parent's love. Highly recommended for families with young children whose parent has come home from Iraq or Afghanistan
Item: Daddy
Price: $17.50

Down Range To Iraq and Back

Book for returning veterans and families describes effects of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), concussion and stress among service members coming home from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Item: IRAQ
Price: $17.00

Explaining Brain Injury, Blast Injury and PTSD to Children and Teens

When a parent is injured, sons and daughters often feel confused, scared, anxious and angry. This guide helps parents explain the physical, cognitive, behavioral, social and communicative changes that can follow a brain injury, blast injury or PTSD. Using examples from children of all ages, it helps them understand their emotional reactions to a parent’s injury or PTSD. Each chapter has an exercise for children and practical tips for children, parents and professionals.

Read an interview with Marilyn Lash on why she wrote this book.

Explaining Brain Injury is also available as an eBook click here .

Item: EBIB
Price: $25.00

Living with Blast Injuries, PTSD and TBI

Designed as an information and reference book for veterans, caregivers and families, this special collection of articles has practical tips and strategies that address issues commonly experienced by injured veterans with PTSD, concussion or TBI. Sections include articles on brain trauma, concussion or mild brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, intimacy and sex, caregiving, emotions, behavior, cognition, memory, school and work.

Price: $35.00

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Workbook

Workbook for adults, veterans and families on mild traumatic brain injury and concussion symptoms with strategies and exercises for improving attention, memory and executive functions. Covers physical changes, senses, attention, memory, cognitive communication, visuospatial processing, depression, and anxiety with practical exercises.
Item: MTBW
Price: $22.00

Mind-Body Workbook for PTSD

Veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may struggle with recurring memories, flashbacks, and other symptoms for years, making it difficult to function at home and at work. Using a mind body method, this 10 week self-help program guides civilians and service members on how to use your body to settle your mind, develop skills to address PTSD, and to feel connected once more. Techniques and exercises show how to reduce feelings of emotional detachment, decrease body tension, address intrusive memories, and track progress. Filled with scales, worksheets and exercises, this is a practical workbook that provides tools for living.
Item: MBWP
Price: $18.00
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My Parent Has a Brain Injury

A parent's brain injury can change a child's world. This book helps sons and daughters understand the physical, cognitive and emotional changes in a parent after an acquired brain injury due to trauma, stroke, tumor, disease or anoxia. It gives information about the brain that is clear and easily understood among elementary, middle and high school age children. Most importantly, it helps sons and daughters understand how and why their relationship with their injured parent has changed. Filled with quotes and exercises, children share their personal feelings about living with a parent who has a brain injury and what life is like at home. This honest and insightful book with colorful graphics is an essential tool to help children cope.
Item: MPBI
Price: $20.00

Once a Warrior: Wired for life

The transition from living in a combat zone with daily exposure to blasts and other dangers to returning home to live with family can be difficult for many service members and veterans. This book contains many personal accounts of the emotional trauma and psychological issues that many service members and veterans struggle with on a daily basis as they home to live in their communities.

Item: OAW
Price: $17.00