Systematic Approach to Social Work Practice

Working with Clients with Traumatic Brain Injury

By Margaret A. Struchen, Ph.D. and Allison N. Clark, Ph.D.

The goal of this brain injury training manual is to improve the care that individuals with TBI receive in healthcare settings by improving the knowledge of social workers about acquired brain injury.

Despite the high incidence of TBI, information for social workers on working with clients with TBI has not been readily available. Unlike social workers in specialized brain injury services and rehabilitation programs, those working in general medical and rehabilitation settings, in social service settings or community agencies have few training resources to learn about traumatic brain injury.

This manual helps fill this gap. It is a training resource for social workers on traumatic brain injury (TBI). The training manual will:

  • help social workers feel more comfortable and confident in their clinical
  • interactions with clients with brain injury
  • increase knowledge regarding TBI
  • outline skills that are useful in working with clients with TBI, and
  • highlight resources that may be useful for clients with TBI and their family members.

Initial sections include general information about TBI and explain common terms used in brain injury treatment and recovery. The remainder of the manual uses a problem-focused model of practice to help social workers apply the information to their clinical practice.


© Baylor College of Medicine, 2007
This program is sponsored by a grant from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, U.S. Department of Education, for the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Community Integration of Persons with Traumatic Brain Injury (Grant #: H133B031117) at TIRR Memorial Hermann.

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Systematic Approach to Social_Page_001Systematic Approach to Social Work Practice

By Margaret A. Struchen, Ph.D. and Allison N. Clark, Ph.D.

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  1. I’ve been recomending this material to social workers in the community who do not regularly work with brain injury survivors.

  2. This is a wonderfully comprehensive tool for those new to brain injury in adults.

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