Myths and Facts About Behavior After Brain Injury

Myths and Facts About Behavior After Brain Injury

 By Annie Pixley

Questions about the way a person who has experienced a brain injury will act and what their personality will be like are the most frequently asked.  Over time, it is the changes in social skills and behavior that are the biggest concern to families.  More than the physical effects of a brain injury, changes in how a person acts post brain injury can be more difficult to adjust to.   

After a brain injury, not everybody’s behavior will be affected or change in the same way.  Behavioral problems can occur in children and family members as well as the injured person.  Their change in behavior may be tied to a sense of loss over something as simple as a change in household routines.

Here is a sample of some basic myths and facts about behavior after brain injury:

  • Myth … brain injury causes behavior problems

  • Fact …. a person may act or behave differently because of changes in the brain after an injury or in reaction to how life has changed because of the injury

  • Myth …. he acts that way to get attention

  • Fact ….  all people act in different ways to get attention

  • Myth …. changes in  behavior after brain injury are a sign of mental illness

  • Fact ….   behavior can change for many reasons, but it is usually not because of mental illness

For more detailed information on these myths and facts, see;

Myths and Facts about Behavior after Brain Injury   

By Harvey Jacobs, Ph.D.
Brain injury behavior problems are reinforced by myths with inaccurate information about changes in behavior after head trauma. Helps families and caregivers understand causes and reasons for behaviors and learn how to respond positively.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive book to help understand the factors that cause behavior, see Dr. Jacobs’ new book;

Understanding Everybody’s Behavior After Brain Injury – Don’t “Don’t”

By Harvey Jacobs, Ph.D.

This book addresses the many different people, places and resources that are involved.  Everybody can work together more effectively when behavior is de-mystified.


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