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Meet the Lash Team

Bob Cluett, CEO

Bob brings a special perspective with the skills that he developed during his corporate career in communication, marketing, direct-mail advertising and sales. As a founding partner of Lash & Associates, he focuses on sales and oversees the publishing of information about the consequences of brain injury among children, adolescents and young adults. Bob still remains hands-on in the printing/bindery department where his expertise is called upon frequently!

He is the former Chair of the Board for the BIA of North Carolina and a survivor of a childhood brain injury. In his free time, Bob enjoys barbershop singing with the General Assembly Chorus, and Doppler Effect quartet.

Marilyn Lash, M.S.W., President

Marilyn has over 35 years’ experience working with persons with disabilities and their families in medical, rehabilitation, educational and vocational settings. Her primary focus is supporting families and developing community programs along with user-friendly publications for families, educators, and clinicians. She is a founding partner of Lash & Associates.

Marilyn recently joined a team of specialists who facilitate retreats for wives of wounded warriors, which take place near military bases around the country. She is a former Chair of the Board for the Brain Injury Association of North Carolina and former Chair of the Brain Injury Advisory Council for North Carolina. She continues to share her insights as a keynote speaker at many brain injury conferences.

Marilyn has favored us with numerous quilt wall-hangings she’s created in her spare time, which are peppered around our offices. She also finds gardening relaxes her after a busy week here, and her yard showcases her green thumb


Buddy and Tucker, Social and Security Directors 

Like all of us, our four-legged “employees” enjoy coming to the office every day! They most likely will be the first line of Lash & Associates you’ll meet, should you come to visit. But in order to make it past the front door, you must give them doggie treats, or they’ll “hound” you until you do!!



Lash & Associates Publishing/Training Inc.

This year of 2014 marks the 18th anniversary of our company. It started as a wish and a dream by a few people who had a vision of founding a publishing company specializing in brain injury that was different than the academic and medical publishers.

A new approach to information

We had all visited families in their homes and seen worn copies of articles on clinical practice and research studies that had been sent by well meaning professionals. Written in scientific and academic language, families were struggling to extract information they could use. When we had telephone calls from educators, we searched for articles with information that was useful, understandable and relevant. They were hard to find. Clinicians and therapists working in community programs were looking for therapeutic tools but didn’t have access to expensive journals and textbooks found in medical libraries. Even more disturbing was the scarcity of information on the effects of brain injury in children and youth. Most of what had been written was on adults with brain injury. This just didn’t make sense to us – what about the kids?

The company started in 1996 under the name of L&A Publishing. From the beginning, our goal was to develop products that were based on the best clinical practices and most recent research findings. But we wanted to do something different. We wanted to take out the jargon and present information in a style that was practical, user-friendly and could be immediately applied by readers. We came up with the format of what we called tip cards. These were pamphlets that summarized best practices and research findings and converted information into “tips” on questions to ask and strategies to use. Our first catalog had 4 tip cards. Who would have guessed that by 2012 we will have 100 tip cards on children, youth and adults?

Then we started writing booklets and manuals with more depth and detail but the same user friendly model. We quickly found a ready market and outgrew our space in our initial location in New Hampshire. Looking for a warmer climate, we moved to Wake Forest, North Carolina in 1998 and also got our new name of Lash & Associates Publishing/Training, Inc. Once we had developed a comprehensive product line on brain injury in children and youths, we expanded in 2005 to address adults with brain injury.

We keep growing!

The company has continued to expand each year. We now offer separate catalogs on children and adults with over 200 products including tip cards, books, manuals, DVDs, and training kits. We’ve come a long way since our first 4 tip cards!

In March 2010 we moved to new offices with a 2500 square foot warehouse. We now have distributors in Canada, China, Japan, Malaysia and England. With our growth, we have new challenges to keep up with the pace. We added a customer service division, redesigned our website and launched a blog.

New printing department and services

This year we have focused on building a full service digital printing and bindery department. We are now capable of producing all tip cards and books in house, full color, 2400 dpi. We added 3 Xerox 7760 color laser printers capable of producing over 8,000 color pages/hour. Baum folding and quality perfect binding equipment was also added.  Heck, our new printing department is now bigger than a lot of the printing companies we were using in the past.

Along with this growth comes a great opportunity for our clients. We are now offering personalization on our full product line. Yes, we will put your logo and information on our books and tip cards and do it at very reasonable prices and in full color… our products now become yours!

Let us know what you need

Our business today still operates on the same principles by which we started…

• practical information based on best practices and research

• user-friendly style and formats for multiple audiences

• affordable prices

• and most importantly, free advice for families and survivors.

We are constantly looking for the next best good idea. We count on our customers to give us feedback on our products and to tell us what we need to do next. So let us hear from you.

Bob Cluett – CEO – bcluett@lapublishing.com

Marilyn Lash – President – mlyn@lapublishing.com

Nick Vidal – Director of Information Technology – nick@lapublishing.com

Bill Herrin – Director of Graphics and Design – bill@lapublishing.com



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