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Brain Injury Books Clearance Specials

Brain Injury Books for our website customers


We offer special packages and deals on brain injury books for our website customers when you order using our shopping cart. Now you can enjoy great discounts on special items when you take advantage of our Clearance Special as we make room in our warehouse.
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Sports Neuropsychology

Comprehensive textbook on scientific knowledge about sports-related concussion and post concussion syndrome with practical guidelines for evaluating mild brain injury and concussion.
Item: SPNE
Price: $25.00
Market price: $45.00 save 44%

The Post Traumatic Insomnia Workbook; A Step-by-Step Program for Overcoming Sleep Problems after Trauma

Difficulty with sleep and night terrors is common among service members and veterans with post traumatic stress disorders or PTSD. Sleep disorders are also common after a traumatic brain injury. This workbook helps survivors and veterans cope with sleep problems. It will help them understand what's keeping them awake at night and has tips on how to improve sleep and deal with trauma-related nightmares. Relaxation techniques for calming the body and mind before bed are described along with strategies for de-stressing the bedroom to create a safe space for sleep.
Item: PTIW
Price: $22.00

Traumatic Stress

Textbook for clinicians with research findings on post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) examines multiple effects of trauma on individuals with research findings on causes and treatment of PTSD in civilians and veterans.
Price: $25.00
Market price: $45.00 save 44%

Strategies for Managing Challenging Behaviors of Students with Brain Injuries

Behaviors in students with brain injuries are often the most frustrating, confusing and problematic issue for educators and parents at home and in school. This manual explains how brain trauma can affect behavior in a student. It provides a systematic step by step approach to using applied behavior analysis to address challenging behaviors in students with brain injuries. The manual comes with a CD with all worksheets and forms.

Item: SMCB
Price: $15.00
Market price: $30.00 save 50%

Learning and Cognitive Communication Challenges: Developing Educational Programs for Students with Brain Injuries

Cognitive communication - or how the student with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) thinks and learns can challenge educators unfamiliar with TBI. This manual explains the dynamics of cognitive processes and classroom behaviors. Developmental challenges are explored with the increased language demands of English and Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, and Science.

Larning and Cognitive Communication Challenges is also available as an eBook click here.
Item: LCCC
Price: $20.00

Helping Exchange: P.E.A.R.L.

Brain injury behavior rehabilitation manual for families, rehabilitation programs and community programs for adults with behavioral, emotional and cognitive disorders and brain injuries. Using the 5-component PEARL interactional model provides the foundation for everything else we do in the name of helping others. The PEARL is now being used to guide interactions in rehabilitation programs, community-based support settings, and family homes across the country. This no-nonense approach sets the bar with respect to identifying desired interactional skills, creating clear expectations around their use, and evaluating whether or not caregivers are practicing what they preach.

Helping Exchange is also available as an eBook click here.
Price: $10.00
Market price: $20.00 save 50%

Get Well Soon...Balloon!

Story book helps children understand their emotions and reactions when a parent has a brain injury. Using language for young children, it describes coma, rehabilitation, coming home, and therapy from a child's perspective. It is highly recommended for families of injured veterans and service members.

Item: BALL
Price: $7.50
Market price: $15.00 save 50%