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Tool Kits on Brain Injury and Concussion

Tool Kits on Brain Injury and Concussion

Brain injury†and concussion tool kits†

These special collections of books, CDs, DVDs, and tip cards have information and resources on acquired brain injury for hospitals, rehabilitation programs, agencies, schools and community programs.† There are special Tool Kits on brain injury in children, teens, adults and veterans.
Brain injury and concussion tool kits are a great way to develop a resource library, have portable resource materials, and gather information on specific topics.


Cognitive Rehabilitation Tool Kit after Brain Injury

Tool Kit on Cognitive Rehabilitation after Brain Injury has 1 textbook, 4 treatment manuals and 30 tip cards on acquired and traumatic brain injuries in adults and veterans for use by therapists and caregivers in rehabilitation and community programs.
Price: $232.00
Market price: $309.00 save 25%

Concussion Tool Kit for Schools

This Concussion (mild brain injury) Tool Kit is specially designed for educators, school nurses, peers, and families. It is filled with tools and products to help school staff and parents identify and treat symptoms of concussion at home and in school. It includes 1 manual, 1 DVD and 50 tip cards. Ideal as an educational package for inservices and peer support in school systems with vinettes featuring students discussing the effects of their concussions on cognitive, physical, social and behavioral abilities.

Read an interview on concussion with Phil Hossler.

Item: COKT
Price: $95.00
Market price: $155.00 save 39%

Concussion, School and Sports Collection

Concussion is the most common type of brain injury in children and youth who are hurt in sports and play. This special collection of 4 manuals helps parents, athletic staff, educators and clinicians recognize, treat, and manage the symptoms and consequences of concussion from the playing field to the classroom.
Item: CSSC
Price: $64.00
Market price: $80.00 save 20%

Functional Rehabilitation Activity Kit

Brain injury rehabilitation manuals with functional activities on behavior, cognition, cognitive communication, leisure, and activities of daily living for adolescents and adults with brain injury or other disabilities.
Price: $197.00
Market price: $246.00 save 20%

Instructional Tool Kit on Brain Injury for Educators

Four manuals for educators, therapists and parents show how to identify students with brain injuries in school, address cognitive and behavioral challenges in the classroom, and develop educational programs with supports and accommodations at home and in school. They are full of practical educational and compensatory strategies with examples on teaching students with acquired brain injury.

Item: ITK2
Price: $80.00
Market price: $100.00 save 20%

Patient and Family Education FLASH Book on Communication after Stroke or TBI

This flashbook provides files for speech and language pathologists (SLP) with accessible tools and handouts to educate patients and families on the evaluation and treatment of speech, language, cognition and swallowing disorders after a stroke or traumatic brain injury (TBI). Print a complete 36 page manual or print selected sections for information sheets. It is an essential resource for SLPs working with adults in acute care, rehabilitation, outpatient and skilled nursing facilities and ideal for educating patients and families.

When a stroke or traumatic brain injury changes an adultís ability to communicate, both patients and families are often confused, upset, and frustrated. But itís more than words. Itís about communication and that involves attention, memory, problem solving, and all the executive functions that affect how an individual thinks and processes information. Every family of a patient or client receiving speech therapy should have this manual.

Price: $50.00

PTSD Tool Kit for Veterans and Families

Special collection of books and tip cards on post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and blast injury helps families and veterans understand symptoms, develop coping strategies, and support their children. Includes 3 books, 12 tip cards.

Item: PTTK
Price: $55.00
Market price: $94.00 save 41%

Sports Concussion Tool Kit for Athletic Trainers and Coaches

Concussion is a brain injury and it occurs to youths in all sports and recreational programs. The Sports Concussion Tool Kit provides athletic trainers and coaches with a comprehensive concussion program. It includes 1 poster, 2 manuals, 1 DVD and 30 tip cards on concussion in school sports. Specifically designed for middle and high schools as well as community recreation programs, it has been developed by national experts in concussion assessment and management. Because concussions can have physical, cognitive and emotional consequences that extend beyond the playing field, the Sports Concussion Tool Kit is a full educational package that covers:

  • designing a concussion policy in schools and communities
  • educating athletic staff about signs and symptoms of concussion
  • monitoring student athlete's recovery from a concussion
  • adhering to return to play guidelines after a concussion
  • communicating with parents about concussion symptoms and recovery
  • collaborating with educators on classroom supports
Item: SCTK
Price: $95.00
Market price: $112.00 save 15%

Survival Kit Package - Brain Injury Survival Kit Package

These two brain injury "info" survival books are the newest survivor package. They are loaded with practical strategies for daily living at home and in the community. Written by two survivors of brain injury, they provide insights and tools for rebuilding your life. Together they are a comprehensive collection of tips and tools on compensatory strategies for cognitive challenges after brain injury.

Item: SKP2
Price: $40.00

Survivor Strategies Package

Buy both the Survival Kit (SKIT) and Lost and Found (LFSG) as a special Survivor Strategies Package and save 10%. Based on the advice and experience of authors who are also survivors of brain injury, this package takes a detailed and practical approach with tools and strategies to help individuals not only get through the day and week but to rebuild their lives and future.
Item: SKLF2
Price: $50.00