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This 32 page magazine is for everyone - families, caregivers, survivors, providers, clinicians, and educators. Published quarterly, it is a gem that you will read over and over again - and find new information and insights each time!

This magazine belongs in every living room, library, and waiting room. You'll find hope, help, and healing in every issue!

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Brain Injury Journey - Hope, Help, Healing, Issue 7, Summer 2014

Hope is the theme of this summer issue of Brain Injury Journey. It is the emotion and belief that sustains so many families, survivors and caregivers through the dark hours and days. It is the faith that improvements are possible and that life can get better. Hope is also the force that underlies the commitment of so many clinicians and health care staff to provide care and treatment at every stage from the most acute early care to the long-term supports in the community. This issue is a salute to HOPE!

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Empowering personal stories, interviews with experts, clinical updates and research findings make this magazine a forum for enhancing hope and fostering healing after brain trauma. Written in an engaging and informative style, articles cover the lifelong impact of brain injury on children, adults, and veterans. Subscribe and this 32 page full color magazine is mailed to you 4 times a year.

This magazine is the one item we recommend to everyone living with, caring for, or providing services on brain injury. You will treasure each issue.

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