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Brain Injury Information  Monthly Specials for July 2014

Brain Injury Information Monthly Specials for July 2014

More choices for summer reading on brain injury.

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Cognition after Brain Injury Tool Kit

Combining practical strategies, educational information, and therapy activities, this Tool Kit on cognition after brain injury gives clinicians tools for treatment and rehabilitation of acquired and traumatic brain injury (TBI) in in-patient, out-patient and community settings. Contains 2 therapy manuals with activities for cognition and cognitive communication. Supply of 60 tip cards for families, patients, caregivers and staff address effects of brain injury on attention, self awareness, compensatory strategies, communication, confabulation, fatigue, irritability, journaling, memory, sensory hypersensitivities, and sleep.
Item: COGTK2
Price: $175.00
Market price: $250.00 save 30%

Instructional Tool Kit on Brain Injury for Educators

Four manuals for educators, therapists and parents show how to identify students with brain injuries in school, address cognitive and behavioral challenges in the classroom, and develop educational programs with supports and accommodations at home and in school. They are full of practical educational and compensatory strategies with examples on teaching students with acquired brain injury.

Item: ITK2
Price: $70.00
Market price: $100.00 save 30%

Survivor Set by Mike Strand

Special set of books by Mike Strand features Meditations on Brain Injury and Expanded Concsiouness. Buy the set and save! This special set provides hope, inspiration, insight and understanding for the challenges and triumphs of life after brain injury or TBI through short essays.

A gifted writer and speaker, Strand's book are treasures for survivors, caregivers, and families. Professionals and providers will have a glimpse into the personal journey of brain injury and can use these books to inform and support patients and clients.

Ideal for support groups to stimulate discussions and share experiences.
Price: $17.00
Market price: $22.00 save 23%

Tool Kit for Veterans and Caregivers on TBI and PTSD: 3 Books on Wounds of War

When a loved one is wounded, many caregivers struggle to cope with the effects of a brain injury and/or PTSD on family members, especially spouses and children living at home. This special tool kit has information on the symptoms of concussion, blast injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, post-traumatic headaches, substance abuse and suicide risk. They also discuss the stresses and rewards of caregiving, give tips on communicating with children, managing behavior, controlling anger, improving sleep. Special attention is given to signs of secondary traumatic stress among family members and caregivers and the importance of recognizing symptoms of compassion fatigue. This practical set of books is a valuable resource for any family touched by the wounds of war.
Price: $40.00
Market price: $50.00 save 20%