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Brain Injury Information – Monthly Specials for October 2014

Brain Injury Information – Monthly Specials for October 2014

Check out these bargains fwith information on athletes, students, veterans and adults with brain injury!

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After Brain Injury: Telling Your Story, A Journaling Workbook

This workbook guides survivors of brain injury and blast injury through the powerful healing experience of telling their own stories with simple journaling techniques. By writing short journal entries, survivors explore the challenges, losses, changes, emotions, adjustments, stresses, and milestones as they rebuild their lives. Journaling after brain injury helps written and verbal communication skills and provides cognitive retraining for following instruction. It helps promote self awareness as well as recognition of strengths and difficulties after brain injury. It is a tool for planning for the future and discussions with family members. Journaling can be done individually, in a group or with assistance from caregivers or family.

Read an interview with author Barbara Stahura.

After Brain Injury: Telling Your Story is also available as an eBook - click here.

Item: JOUR
Price: $25.00
Market price: $30.00 save 17%


This cognitive rehabilitation software program was designed by James Japp, a neuropsychologist in the UK, for individuals with acquired brain injury. Software generates random sets of exercises that require matching a target item by number and/or color. By giving the patient structured tasks, the therapist can measure performance for time and accuracy which are documented in a performance history.

Tasks can be set for varying length of time and difficulty, giving the clinician flexibility for customizing a program that is challenging but not too easy. The user has to hold the instructions for each activity in short term memory. Completing the tasks requires the patient to use selective, divided and sustained attention as well as decision making and information processing.

Watch a demonstration by clicking here.

Price: $100.00
Market price: $120.00 save 17%

Functional Rehabilitation Activity Kit

Brain injury rehabilitation manuals with functional activities on behavior, cognition, cognitive communication, leisure, and activities of daily living for adolescents and adults with brain injury or other disabilities.
Price: $175.00
Market price: $246.00 save 29%

Lesión Cerebral: Es un viaje - Una Guia Practica Para Familias

Translated into Spanish, this popular manual for families explains the consequences of traumatic brain injury and gives strategies for coping with changes in the survivor's physical abilities as well as cognitive and behavioral changes. It helps families understand various types of brain injury, the rehabilitation process, and helps prepare them for future issues. This manual is a great tool to educate and support families as they learn about and live with the consequences of acquired brain injury.

Traducido al español, este popular manual para familias explica las consecuencias de la lesión cerebral traumática y da las estrategias para hacer frente a los cambios en la capacidad física de supervivencia, así como cambios cognitivos y conductuales, y ayuda a las familias a comprender diversos tipos de lesiones cerebrales, el proceso de rehabilitación, y ayuda a preparar a los jóvenes para problemas en el futuro. este manual es una herramienta muy útil para educar y apoyar a las familias conocer y vivir con las consecuencias del daño cerebral adquirido.

Price: $20.00
Market price: $25.00 save 20%

Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Workbook

Workbook for adults, veterans and families on mild traumatic brain injury and concussion symptoms with strategies and exercises for improving attention, memory and executive functions. Covers physical changes, senses, attention, memory, cognitive communication, visuospatial processing, depression, and anxiety with practical exercises.
Item: MTBW
Price: $15.00
Market price: $22.00 save 32%

Pay Attention! Attention Training for Children Ages 4-10

Adapted from the Attention Process Training Program for adolescents and adults, the Pay Attention program has therapeutic activities on attention for children and students with traumatic brain injury, ADD, ADHD, and brain tumors. Designed for children (ages 4-10) with attentional processing problems, visual and auditory activities are designed to systematically increase the child’s ability to sustain, select, divide, and alternate attention using a variety of hierarchical tasks designed for this age range and cognitive levels.

Click here   to watch an Introduction to the Pay Attention program.

Click here to watch a Demonstration of Therapy Activities for Pay Attention Program.
Item: PAY
Price: $325.00
Market price: $375.00 save 13%

Player’s Contract with the Team Poster

Safety in team sports is a priority for coaches and athletic trainers. Wanting to stay in the game, student athletes may ignore early signs and symptoms of concussion, illness or injury. While players may observe changes or warning signs in teammates, they may not report this out of loyalty to teammates. The Player’s Contract with the Team Poster is a tool for coaches and athletic staff to make student athletes aware of guidelines for their safety and well-being as well as that of their teammates.

Produced as 14” x 20” posters, they are designed for posting in locker rooms, athletic offices, and team areas. Five guidelines for safe playing are listed with instructions for players to sign their names indicating their acceptance and commitment to safety.

Read an interview with Phil Hossler on concussion in school sports.

Item: PLAY - Set of 12
Price: $12.00
Market price: $24.00 save 50%

The Post Traumatic Insomnia Workbook; A Step-by-Step Program for Overcoming Sleep Problems after Trauma

Difficulty with sleep and night terrors is common among service members and veterans with post traumatic stress disorders or PTSD. Sleep disorders are also common after a traumatic brain injury. This workbook helps survivors and veterans cope with sleep problems. It will help them understand what's keeping them awake at night and has tips on how to improve sleep and deal with trauma-related nightmares. Relaxation techniques for calming the body and mind before bed are described along with strategies for de-stressing the bedroom to create a safe space for sleep.
Item: PTIW
Price: $15.00
Market price: $22.00 save 32%