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Brain Injury Products Featured Specials

Brain Injury Products Featured Specials

Each month we select featured products on brain injury to highlight new manuals, best sellers, and old favorites.


Condeluci Series on Community Engagement and Inclusion

Read Al Condeluci's series on the power of social capital and community in this special collection of his 3 books on building community engagement. Buy the full set at a special price and save.

Whether you are a consumer, provider, family member, policy maker, clinician, or academic, Condeluci will challenge you and make you rethink how you approach, provide and evaluate services and supports for persons with disabilities in the community.

Price: $50.00
Market price: $70.00 save 29%

Essence of Interdependence: Building community for everyone

By exploring the roles, expectations, behavior and stereotypes of people with and without disabilities, Condeluci shows how to support the development, growth and independence of people with disabilities in their communities.

Essence of Interdependence is also available as an eBook click here.
Item: ESIN
Price: $25.00

Patient and Family Education FLASH Book on Communication after Stroke or TBI

This flashbook provides speech and language pathologists with accessible tools and handouts to educate patients and families on the evaluation and treatment of speech, language, cognition and swallowing disorders after a stroke or traumatic brain injury (TBI). Print a complete 36 page manual or print selected sections for information sheets. It is an essential resource for SLPs working with adults in acute care, rehabilitation, outpatient and skilled nursing facilities and ideal for educating patients and families.

When a stroke or traumatic brain injury changes an adult’s ability to communicate, both patients and families are often confused, upset, and frustrated. But it’s more than words. It’s about communication and that involves attention, memory, problem solving, and all the executive functions that affect how an individual thinks and processes information. Every family of a patient or client receiving speech therapy should have this manual.

Price: $50.00

Together is Better: Creating a community where each belongs

Book explores people with disabilities in society, including challenges and rewards of tolerating differences and developing a community where there is a place for young and old, children and adults, people with and without disabilities.
Together is Better is also available as an eBook click here.
Item: TISB
Price: $20.00

Social Capital: The Key to Macro Change

Shifting from the “micro” model found in so many policies and procedures that approach the person with a physical, mental, or emotional disability as “the problem,” this new book on social capital by Condeluci and Fromknecht offers a “macro” approach for human services in the community and for people with disabilities. By helping people find their commonality, disabilities matter less. This is an essential book for any provider or organization involved in clinical care, residential services, and support services. It will challenge readers to self-examine their policies and program models and recognize that we are all interdependent.

Social Capital is also available as an eBook click here.

Item: SOCA
Price: $20.00
Market price: $25.00 save 20%

Brain Injury Journey Magazine - Annual Print Subscription

Special Annual Print Subscription - 4 issues for $28

Empowering personal stories, interviews with experts, clinical updates and research findings make this magazine a forum for enhancing hope and fostering healing after brain trauma. Written in an engaging and informative style, articles cover the lifelong impact of brain injury on children, adults, and veterans. Subscribe and this 32 page full color magazine is mailed to you 4 times a year.

This magazine is the one item we recommend to everyone living with, caring for, or providing services on brain injury. You will treasure each issue.

Price: $28.00