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Brain Injury Products Featured Specials

Brain Injury Products Featured Specials

Each month we select featured products on brain injury to highlight new manuals, best sellers, and old favorites.


Learning to Live with Yourself after Brain Injury

There are lots of strategies for learning to “get by” or learning to “cope” for those who have experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury. But life shouldn’t be strictly about learning how to cope, nor should it be settling for a life that is less than fulfilling. We need an overall strategy to help us excel, to flourish and to live a fulfilled life.

Learning to Live with Yourself after Brain Injury provides the insights you need to use the tools you have been given in a way that allows you to get the most out of them.

Full of ways to understand your Brain Injury; from learning how to Reset Zero and Begin Anew, to the Discovery process; from reliance on “Your Story” and how it affects you, to Adaptation, Sebell’s book will help you be the best you can be. It will teach you to harness and use your mental and emotional assets in a new powerful way.

This book also helps professionals and caregivers understand what their patient or family member is going through and how to support them.

Item: LLWY
Price: $12.00
Market price: $15.00 save 20%

Free Electronic Brain Injury Journey - Hope, Help, Healing, Issue 7, Summer 2014

Click here to view the FREE Issue 7 online right now! Please note you can not print the online magazine.

Hope is the theme of this summer issue of Brain Injury Journey. It is the emotion and belief that sustains so many families, survivors and caregivers through the dark hours and days. It is the faith that improvements are possible and that life can get better. Hope is also the force that underlies the commitment of so many clinicians and health care staff to provide care and treatment at every stage from the most acute early care to the long-term supports in the community. This issue is a salute to HOPE!

Your can order Issue 7 in print or sign up for an full year printed subscription by clicking here .

Item: BIJME Issue 7

Learning by Accident: A Caregivers True Story of Fear, Family and Hope

This personal account of a spouse's journey into the world of brain injury starts with her husband Hugh after he was hit by a car while riding his bicycle. As she becomes the physical and emotional caregiver for her family, she finds herself on a continuous relay between hospital and home juggling a bedside vigil with the needs of 2 children left at home. In her honest, insightful and often humorous style, Rosemary Rawlins explores the crisis of a couple and family whose future is so uncertain. A talented writer, this book offers insights into the emotional trauma of brain injury and the impact of compassion fatigue on caregivers and family.
Item: LEAC
Price: $25.00

Condeluci Series on Community Engagement and Inclusion

Read Al Condeluci's series on the power of social capital and community in this special collection of his 3 books on building community engagement. Buy the full set at a special price and save.

Whether you are a consumer, provider, family member, policy maker, clinician, or academic, Condeluci will challenge you and make you rethink how you approach, provide and evaluate services and supports for persons with disabilities in the community.

Price: $50.00
Market price: $70.00 save 29%