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Books on Acquired Brain Injury in Adolescents

Books on Acquired Brain Injury in Adolescents

Books have information on head injury and brain injury in teenagers

  Teenagers are at high risk for head trauma and traumatic brain injury from car crashes, assaults, and sports injuries. These books for clinicians, therapists, educators and parents describe changes in learning, cognition, social skills and behavior in teenagers with head injury and brain trauma.


Traumatic brain injury information in the United States:

The two age groups at highest risk for TBI are 0 to 4 year olds and 15 to 19 year olds. (CDC)


All About Me! My Life as a Teenager

Booklet helps adolescents identify strengths and difficulties after brain injury and describes learning strategies and accommodations needed in school.

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Assessment Practices and Procedures in Children and Adolescents with Traumatic Brain Injury

This in-depth examination and discussion of how to assess the impact of traumatic brain injury on children and adolescents has a special focus on reintegrating students to school and the community. It is a much needed and valuable resource for rehabilitation clinicians, educators, psychologists, neuropsychologists and counselors in hospitals, schools, and private practice.

Pediatric neuropsychologist Dr. Stephen Hooper addresses the limitations of many current assessment methods with particular attention to the developmental impact of childhood trauma on cognition. He then provides a detailed framework by examining specific assessment constructs and procedures for motor functions, sensory functions, attention, language, visual processing, memory and learning, executive functions, and social and behavior functions. Each chapter has a special section on research findings and clinical practices for children and adolescents with traumatic brain injury (TBI) with recommendations for assessment procedures and measures with detailed tables for reference. This book is essential for all clinicians working with school age children.

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Changes in Self Awareness Among Students with Brain Injuries

A student with a traumatic brain injury or TBI may have limited awareness of cognitive, social and behavioral difficulties. This can be challenging for educators as the student may resist supports and accommodations. This manual explains how brain trauma can affect self awareness and shows educators how to use awareness activities to help students with brain injuries in middle and high schools.

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Compensatory Systems for Students with Brain Injuries

Developing and implementing compensatory strategies for students with TBI or traumatic brain injury is complicated by multiple teachers and classroom changes in middle and high schools. This manual shows educators how to select a compensatory system, teach students how to use it, and monitor its effectiveness with adolescent students with a consistent plan for all teachers and classes.

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