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Attention Process Training APT-3 A Direct Attention Training Program for Persons with Acquired Brain Injury

The APT-3 includes an extensive range of attention exercises appropriate for people with mild to severe attention deficits due to acquired brain injuries. Target populations include adolescents, adults and veterans. Unlike the APT-1 and APT-2 programs, the APT-3 is a computer based program promoting efficient data collection and analyses and treatment planning. The Kit includes a USB drive with customized software that can be used on either a mac or PC. It includes 2 practice drives for clients. The program runs from the USB drive and does not stay on the user's computer. The set of 2 manuals contains a clinical overview, research evidence, discussion of therapy principles, detailed instructions and guidelines for assessment and treatment, as well as sample scoresheets for all therapeutic activities and tasks.

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What is different about APT-3? > Click here for Q&A PDF file

Item: APT3
Price: $850.00

Parents' Guide to Sports Concussions

Parents need guidelines on when their child can return to school activities and return to play or sports after a concussion. Although a concussion is a “mild” brain injury, there is nothing mild about it. It is a serious injury that can have temporary or long-term consequences for a child or youth. This comprehensive but readable book has guidelines on sports concussions. It was written specifically for athletes' parents to help them support and monitor their child's symptoms and recovery. It includes the most up-to-date information available, including

  • short- and long-term symptom lists
  • what to do when symptoms linger
  • how concussion testing works, and
  • the best return-to-play guidelines.

Parents will also hear about guidelines from experts on concussion support groups, how to choose the right helmet, and how to communicate effectively with their child's physician, coach, and teachers.

Everything a parent needs to know about their child after a concussion can now be found in one place: The Parents' Guide to Sports Concussions.

Item: PGSC
Price: $15.00

Tell Me This: Encouragement and Hope after Brain Injury

This thoughtful, sensitive, and engaging pocket guide gives athletes, veterans and individuals hope and encouragement as they navigate the challenges of living with a brain injury or concussion. Designed as a pocket guide for quick reading and reference, it will give you far more than a pocketful of readings and reminders of what’s important for your recovery. LeBlanc best describes her writing as "wisdom nuggets or little soul energy packets wrapped as words."

Tell Me This will lift you up when you are feeling down. It will restore your belief in yourself. It will help others understand your triumphs and your disappointments.

Item: TMTH
Price: $7.00

Visuospatial Training Tablet: Visual Scanning for Spatial Neglect

This innovative tablet is designed to improve visual scanning training for patients and individuals with hemispatial neglect due to stroke, brain injury or other disorders. The Tablet has LED lights in various colors and patterns to stimulate attention in reading, writing and mealtime activities for patients with spatial neglect. Multimodal cues enhance visual scanning during reading, writing and mealtime activities. It is ideal for use in hospital, rehabilitation, and home care by speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, nurses, and home health aides to improve cueing, stimulate attention, and provide adaptations for impaired upper extremity functions and visual neglect.
Item: VSTT
Price: $400.00