Arnie’s MRI - PDF eBook

Arnie’s MRI - PDF eBook

Jenny Archibald, B.A., D.C.S.
This children’s book - PDF eBook - is about treatment for a concussion, Arnie the armadillo falls off his bicycle. Because he isn’t wearing a helmet, he hurts his head and has to have a MRI. He doesn’t understand what this is so he is nervous about the examination. The story line and colorful illustrations help children understand why Arnie is a bit scared. Hospital staff address his fears about medical procedures by turning the MRI exam into an adventure. Arnie soon overcomes his fears and learns why he should always wear a bicycle helmet.
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In this clever children’s story book about Arnie the armadillo, Arnie takes the reader on his very own journey into "space" as he shares his experience about having an MRI when he hurts his head. Once he learns about the procedure, he is no longer scared. Simple language helps children understand what an MRI brain scan is so they are not afraid of medical procedures when they get hurt. This colorful story book is an excellent tool for children to learn about an MRI and how to prevent head injury and a concussion by always wearing a helmet when doing activities “that make you go fast.”
Item ARNIE-eBook
Year 2011


Jenny Archibald, B.A., D.C.S.

With a special interest in childhood head injury, Jenny Archibald is a psychometrist who has worked for many years with children who have had a head injury. A psychometrist (sy-co-me-trist), is a person who works with people and helps test their thinking skills, language, memory and school abilities (like reading, math and spelling).

Some years ago, Jenny was working on a childhood head injury research project in which children had a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain scan. This medical procedure can be scary for children because it involves noise, keeping still, and being confined in a close space. Jenny was inspired to write a story that would explain the MRI experience to children in a language they could understand. She hoped this would help them feel more comfortable with the procedure. This became Arnie's story.

The message of Arnie's MRI is bigger than the story itself, because it addresses head injury prevention. The message is: Always wear a helmet for activities such as bicycling, skateboarding, in-line skating, scooting, and other activities that make you go fast.

Jenny now lives in Oakville, Canada with her husband and two children. She had the opportunity to use the book to help prepare her son for his MRI. Every member of her family is a big fan of bicycle helmets. She continues to be passionately interested in how families can become better informed about childhood head injury and better able to prevent it.


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