Billy Butterfly Tries - PDF eBook

Billy Butterfly Tries - PDF eBook

Cindy Koneczny

A delightful story in eBook format with colorful illustrations for young children features Billy Butterfly as he tries to compete in the Insect Olympics with a sore wing. Written and illustrated by a survivor of a severe brain injury, this is a story of perseverance, hope and overcoming the challenges of having a disability. It is an excellent tool to help friends and peers be sensitive to the needs and abilities of children with disabilities. Billy’s story shows the importance of helping children try and the meaning of encouragement and support from friends and family.



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A delightful children's e-Book on special needs.

Billy is a very determined butterfly who is sad as he watches the ants, grasshoppers, bees and other bugs race faster than he can. He has a sore wing because he flew too close to a bush with stickers and he can’t keep up with his friends.

The Insect Olympics is a really important race and he wants to compete but he is afraid to try with his sore wing.

He worries that the other bugs will make fun of him because he can’t fly as fast now. With his Mom’s encouragement, he enters the race and learns that trying is more important than winning.

This eBook story is for young children is a terrific tool for encouraging any child who feels, looks or acts “different” in any way to simply keep trying. Children will love the colorful illustrations and the whimsical characters of Bertha Bee, Greg Grasshopper, Freddy Fly, and Mrs. Pettibloom.

This story can also be used to increase children’s awareness of special needs and the importance of friendships among classmates and peers.

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Item BILLY-eBook
ISBN# 978-1-931117-50-0
Pages 32 pages, 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" full color
Year 2009


Cindy Koneczny

The author, Cindy Koneczny, is now in her 40s but still vividly remembers the impact of the car crash when she was 16 that resulted in a severe brain injury. After a 3 month coma, she had to relearn many of the ordinary abilities that she had once taken for granted. From her personal experience, she has written a story book for children about the importance of trying.

It took her the better part of 25 years to write this book. It is an endearing story told through the main character of Billy Butterfly. The story line is clever but the book is even more engaging with the whimsical and colorful illustrations by the author that will capture the young reader’s imagination and attention.

Just as Billy Butterfly has a mother who encourages him to keep trying and keep going no matter how tough the odds are, Cindy’s mother Marie Koneczy has helped her daughter live life to the fullest and is tremendously proud of her accomplishments.


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