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Christian self help books by Denise Boggs, Living Waters Ministry

Christian self help books by Denise Boggs, Living Waters Ministry

Healing strongholds, overcoming difficulties and family healing

The Living Waters series offers hope, healing and spiritual growth to all individuals whose faith has been tested by life changes and events.

These booklets are designed for use by individuals and in group studies such as Bible class, informal discussion groups, and formal classes. They are practical and informative resources for clergy and faith-based programs and are written in clear user-friendly text with worksheets for self exploration.

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Living Waters offers Retreats for Healing the Heart.


Final Reflections on Brain Injury

Final Reflections is the final book in popular “Here and Now” columnist Mike Strand’s “Meditations” Trilogy (Meditations on Brain Injury, Expanded Consciousness, and Final Reflections), all of which are available through Lash Publishing. Final Reflections contains the culmination of Mr. Strand’s nearly thirty-year journey living with a severe brain injury that resulted when his pickup truck was t-boned by a semi-truck. Final Reflections contains over 50 short essays that consider brain injury from every angle. The author has seen brain injury not only through his own experience, but through listening to numerous experiences from those who’s stories have entered his mind and touched his heart as he participated in, and then facilitated numerous support groups. We all share a common experience in our own way, and Mike has a natural gift with words that allows him to express the many frustrations and emotions in clear language, often with humor. He also realizes that sunny expressions and breezy quotations, while they have their place, are a dime a dozen. His lines are from the heart and his words ring true. He talks about finding the real world tools an individual can access to confront the here and now.
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SUSTAINING POWERS: Rising Above Grief & Loss

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This book is for anyone that has ever lost a loved one through traumatic brain injury. It is for any parent who has ever sat up at night worrying about a child serving in the military overseas. It is for those with a parent or grandparent suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, unable to fix or heal them. It is for those who can only watch and wait as their loved one slowly deteriorates and fades away. Cathy Powers writes to reveal her crisis of faith as her son’s survival was in question.

During her journey, Cathy documented her daily life and her son’s progress through a social media platform. While her story and continued faith in God, throughout even the hardest of times, was an inspiration to many, Cathy kept her true fears and struggles hidden. In this book, she opens up to what life was really like for a mother who is forced to live through her worst nightmare: the loss of her son.

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