The Depression Workbook

The Depression Workbook

Mary Ellen Copeland, MA, MS

From the best-selling author, Mary Ellen Copeland, comes the Second Edition of The Depression Workbook. Learn to practice the latest research-based self-help strategies to relieve depression and address other mental health issues including how to take responsibility for your own wellness, use charts to track and control your moods, find helpful care providers, build a support system, and more.

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Learn to practice the latest research-based self-help strategies to relieve depression and address other mental health issues. In this second edition of The Depression Workbook, you’ll find useful advice from the best-selling author Mary Ellen Copeland, including how to:

Take responsibility for your own wellness

Use charts to track and control your moods

Find helpful care providers

Build a system of mutual support

Increase self-confidence and self-esteem

Use relaxation, diet, exercise, and light to stabilize your moods

Avoid conditions that can worsen your symptoms.

A new chapter guides readers through developing your own plan for managing symptoms and staying well. This process, known as the Wellness Recovery Plan (WRAP), was developed by a group of people who experience depression, or manic depression and/or have other mental health concerns and who now report that this plan helped them relieve their symptoms and improve the quality of their lives.

This edition is updated in all areas including new medical and holistic perspectives and extensive lists of helpful resources and Web sites that will assist you in your journey to wellness. By letting you share more than a hundred case stories and empowering you with the most current therapeutic strategies, The Depression Workbook, Second Edition will give you insight, energy, and hope.

ISBN# 9781572242685
Pages 352
Year Second Edition, 2001


Getting well and staying well is the focus of Mary Ellen Copeland, PhD- author, educator, and mental health advocate. Mary Ellen's work is based on the study of the day-to-day coping and wellness strategies of people who have experienced mental health challenges. It centers on self-help, recovery, and long-term stability. Personally, Mary Ellen has experienced years of mental health challenges and has achieved long-term wellness and stability using these strategies.




Getting Started

1) An Overview of Depression and Manic Depression

2) Taking Charge

3) Experiencing Depression

4) Experiencing Mania

5) Taking Responsibility for Your Own Wellness

6) Possible Causes of Mood Disorders

7) The Way Out of Depression

8) Coming Down from Mania

9) Using a Chart to Keep Your Moods Controlled

10) Developing and Using a Wellness Recovery Action Plan

11) Building a Strong Support System

12) Finding Appropriate Health Care Professionals

13) Support Groups

14) Family Support

15) Taking a Look at Your Lifestyle

16) How About Counseling?

17) Building Self-Esteem and Self Confidence

18) New Ways of Thinking

19) Using Relaxation to Stabilize Moods

20) Diet

21) Exercise: Do It

22) Light, Electromagnetic Radiation, and the Biological Clock

23) Suicide: The Tragedy of Mood Instability

24) Preventing Suicide

Resource List


“My early years were not easy, marked by several severe traumas including being with a special friend when she was struck and killed by a car. I felt that, since her parents couldn’t have any more children and my parents had “plenty,” it was I who should have been killed.

To justify my existence, I tried to be the perfect child, always trying to do the right thing. But somehow I never seemed to be good enough. I felt responsible for everything bad that happened.

Ongoing sexual threats and molestation throughout my childhood by a cousin that lived next door turned me into a fearful child who was constantly on guard and afraid, never feeling safe. My perceptions of myself as a person and as a woman were molded by these experiences. I continue to work diligently to overcome the severe damage this abuse caused to every part of my being…”


Endorsement of First Edition: “This book is a lifesaver. This is one of the ‘must have’ books for anyone newly diagnosed with depression or manic depression. It is invaluable in teaching both sufferer and supporter the symptoms and coping skills. This book was monumental in helping me get through a severe depression that lasted nonstop for half a decade. I recommend this book to all my readers, and to anyone suffering with depression or bipolar disorders.”—Bob Olsen, author of the best-selling Win the Battle: The 3-Step Lifesaving Formula to Conquer Depression and Bipolar Disorder

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