Attention Process Training APT1

Attention Process Training APT1

Brain injury attention process training, APT 1 is a cognitive rehabilitation training program for attention and memory disorders with mild, moderate and severe brain injury. Please see EXCERPTS tab for frequently asked questions when you click on the picture to SEE DETAILS.


Attention Process Training APT-1

Developed by McKay Moore Sohlberg, Ph.D. and Catherine Mateer, Ph.D., the APT1 program is for adolescents, adults and veterans with attention disorders due to mild, moderate or severe acquired brain injuries. The APT1 program uses audio files for therapy tasks and PDF files for scoresheets.

A new computerized program, the Attention Process Training APT3, is now available. The APT3 reflects expanded attention research and includes tasks targeting: Basic Sustained Attention as well as Executive Control Processes related to Working Memory, Selective Attention, Suppression and Alternating Attention. It can be found at

Please see EXCERPTS for frequently asked questions.

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Item: APT1
Price: $450.00

Extra set of audio stimuli on flash drive for APT-1 Attention Process Training Program

Extra set of audio stimuli on flash drive for the APT-1 Attention Process Training program
Item: APT1D
Price: $100.00

Extra flash drive with PDF scoresheets for APT-1 Attention Process Training Program

Extra flash drive with PDF scoresheet files for the Attention Process Training APT-1.
Item: APT1P
Price: $25.00