Unthinkable: A Mother’s Tragedy, Terror, and Triumph

A Mother’s View of the Unthinkable

By Dixie Fremont-Smith Coskie

This special book about a child’s traumatic brain injury is aptly titled UNTHINKABLE. Facing possible death or life-long disabilities of her child in the early days of hospital care and medical treatment, this mother reveals her fears as she faces an uncertain future.  

After her son’s traumatic brain injury, Dixie Coskie and her family move from horror and despair to find hope, healing, and even greater love.  The simplest of things have new importance —when her son is able to blink his eyelids again, lift his finger, utter a word.  This book on surviving brain injury from a family’s perspective is powerful, moving and very real. Not only are the emotions of parents explored and revealed, but siblings are included as well.

This book will provide emotional support, hope and guidance for other families whose child has had a brain injury.  The tips for caregivers are especially useful with practical suggestions for support, communication, coping, stress reduction and problem solving at all stages of care and recovery after traumatic brain injury.  It is also highly recommended for direct care staff and professionals as it provides insights into the emotional trauma that inevitably accompanies the physical and medical trauma of brain injury.


 Order at www.DixieCoskie.com

ISBN: 978-1-932279-10-8,

224 pages


Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, Deadwood Oregon.

5 responses to “Unthinkable: A Mother’s Tragedy, Terror, and Triumph”

  1. Tracey Moore says:

    My son also suffered a TBI from a hit and run incident just over 2 yrs ago. He was 17 at the time and my life has changed forever also. I miss my son everyday and my heart breaks just watching him struggle along. He is a miracle in progress and always will be. We to are lucky to have Ned as doctors gave worst case scenarios. Yes he nearly died to. I haven’t purchased this book but I certainly will be. I have only just found this site and I thank every single one of you for understanding just how a mothers heart is ripped apart never to be complete again after suffering a TBI as we all suffer from a Brain Injury.. No 2 injuries are the same but we all know the road we are walking now…

  2. Aaron says:

    I am a young prodigy who experienced a near-death motorcycle accident. Besides the multiple shattered joints, I sustained a brain injury (yes- wore helmet, boots, jeans and a padded jacket. 35mph ‘fluke’). As a family member- and certainly as mothers, your love and support goes a very long way. I am a completely different person. My mother is still not ‘over’ that and probably never will be. I don’t blame her and I am frustrated at my constant failure to communicate ‘it’. I myself didn’t get ‘it’ for three years. How could she know?
    When I read your words I feel your pain and frustration.
    If I can help anyone try to understand, I am at assertdesign@gmail.com . This was SO hard for me. I’d like to use the painfully acquired wisdom to help others experiencing it.

  3. mary o"Riley says:

    To Ann Kidd. I am so sorry and your right about unless you walk a mile in my shoes. My son was in a motorcycle accident with no helmet only 4 months ago. He is left with TBI as well as a c7 fracture. He is quadraplegic now and I will bringing him home next week to care for him at home with hospice. This is a nightmare that seems to not end. No mother should ever have to go through this and I’m so sick of the sympathy from everyone. no one knows what is going on in my heart unless you have been through it yourself. my heart bleeds day and night and i know yours does to. You are in my prayers.

  4. Ann Kidd says:

    The doctors were right. My son nearly died.And today he is not the same person he was before the accident. Nor am I.

    I prefer to be alone. To think and ponder. To try to make sense of life, death, suffering.I have no patience for trivial things, conversations, most people.

    Oh how comforting Dixie’s words are to me for on most days they are as if I wrote them myself.I too am the mother of a son with sustained brain injury and have become sick of the old throw away line, she’ll get over it, get back to your old interests and haunts but I’ve done neither. Yes I have moved on but I too am not the same person as before. Life seems to have taken on a new time line before the accident and after the accident and yet I am not unhappy just changed, as is my son.I have given up on trying to make others understand. I guess it comes down to unless you’ve walked a mile in my shoes.
    Thanks Dixie for sharing, it’s comforting to know I am not alone, just different as a result of changes beyond my control.

  5. Dixie Coskie says:

    Dixie Coskie – Unthinkable – Read what Oscar winning actress Patricia Neal, whose own son suffered from a brain injury, has to say about Dixie Coskie’s “Unthinkable”.http://www.dixiecoskie.com/testimonials.html

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