Is this Normal?


So What’s Normal?

By Jason and Susannah Ferguson

This short but practical TBI booklet guides survivors, family members and caregivers toward a better understanding of brain injury. It gives an overview of the likely changes seen in daily life as well as expectations for the future. Even persons with cognitive and visual impairments will be able to use this booklet as it has user friendly language, large type, short checklists and colorful graphics.

Topics include:

  • Expectations after TBI
  • Behavioral/psychological changes
  • Role changes
  • Loss of social network  
  • Memory problems
  • Helpful tips

This booklet can be very helpful as a discussion tool between family members and survivors on the consequences and effects of a brain injury on the family unit. Therapists and caregivers may find it useful as a tool for encouraging self-awareness and insights into the physical, behavioral, cognitive and social effects of TBI. The authors correctly note that most books finish with “THE END”, but in this case Jason and Susannah note that it is just the beginning as you start the journey of recovery after a traumatic brain injury.Lash and Associates is distributing these publications via free downloadable PDF files. Users may print and download publications and are encouraged to inform others of this resource by referring them to  

The guide was developed by Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Community
Integration of Persons with Traumatic Brain Injury ©Memorial Hermann|TIRR, 2006
Houston, TX

Is this Normal?

By Jason and Susannah Ferguson

One response to “Is this Normal?”

  1. Becky Weed says:

    I have just printed your pdf booklet, My daughter (age 23) was in a single car accident June 6 of this year. She is recovering remakably wellshe is two weeks away from completing 3 months of rehab and she has been able to return to work. She and I have both noticed her changes in her emotions to best describe she is flat. although she has started to laugh at somethings. She has not been able to feel saddness or true happiness. She feels she is never going to experiance fun or love again. Do you have any suggestions on how I can help her threw this process?

    Thank you

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