Reflections on My Child’s Life

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June 3, 2011


prayer brings peace

prayer brings peace

It has been over three decades since our son Jeffrey was born severely brain injured due to the lack of oxygen. There had been a mistake at the hospital, an oversight by the doctor. In such a short period of time everything in our lives changed so dramatically and nothing would ever be the same.

When Jeffrey was born he was transferred to our top children’s hospital where he would stay three weeks in intensive care wards. He fought gallantly to live and somehow God gave him the strength to come home to us. We loved him with all of our hearts and we are sure he loved us as well.

Jeffrey lived only seven years. That’s all. We would have only seven years to gather and savor memories to last a lifetime. Even though he was frail, we never thought we would lose him. We did our best to live our lives as any other family would– taking vacations, shopping trips, and celebrating special days with family and friends. We always included our beautiful little boy. He was ours and we were proud of him.

It is amazing how much Jeffrey taught us. We never, ever took the simplest of things for granted again.  Today, I can still close my eyes and imagine the softness of Jeffrey’s cheeks and the beautiful smile that filled my heart. Yes, Jeffrey taught us much. Love is unconditional. It is love that gets you through life’s greatest challenges.

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  1. Marilyn Lash says:

    This is a beautiful story that is a testament to the power of a mother’s love.

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