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July 1, 2011

Why Jeffrey?

woman tearsWhen our son, Jeffrey, was born severely brain injured it absolutely rattled our world. We had no indication anything was wrong during the pregnancy. Everything was as it should be. (Utimately, it was a doctor’s error during delivery that was to blame…)  Perhaps the greatest challenge to us following Jeffrey’s birth was to learn to stay positive. In the beginning, I remember how often I cried. I sobbed when I saw other kids cooing in strollers. I cried when I saw a parent be too rough with his child in the supermarket. I even cried when I took a bath at night. I just couldn’t imagine how something so dreadful had happened to our little boy. The doctors were never optimistic. We found doctors’ appointments to be extrememly hard to prepare for. We knew the prognosis for our little guy would be far from positive.

Soon, it became very clear that we had a choice to make. We could either mire down in self pity or pick ourselves up and deal with this situation the best we could. We chose the latter.

We kept positive by celebrating the little things in Jeffrey’s life… like his contagious smile and the way he would strain to lift his neck to get a good look at his cousins who were just a bit older than he was.  We’d laugh at his funny little sounds when he giggled at us. We’d stroke his soft little cheeks and comb his beautiful blonde hair. We’d take him to the mall in his little overalls or Osh Kosh jeans. When his little sister arrived, we bought a double wide stroller. The two of them went everywhere together… Katy hanging out to stroke his little arms and gaze into his face. They were quite the team.

It has been many years since we lost Jeffrey. To this day, there are a few things I still have a hard time doing, like seeing his name on his gravestone. But for the most part, our memories of our “Ibble Doy” are happy ones. Jeffrey taught us much about love and life and what really matters. We will love him always.

About the Author

Carol Edwards is an elementary teacher in Central Indiana. The author of Why Jeffrey? Why Us?, Edwards writes a story to help children who have physical and mental challenges better understand why God chose to  make them just the way they are. Edwards also writes a column in her county newspaper. She and her husband are the parents of one grown daughter.

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