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August 22, 2011


It is very challenging to get motivated when you are not feeling good about your situation. It’s normal for individuals to experience a drop in motivation following loss. Survivors may also experience a lack of motivation resulting from the injury to their brain. In any instance, a lack of motivation can result in the person becoming isolated and taking a direct hit to their self-esteem. It’s a vicious circle… don’t feel motivated, feel awful about myself, feel awful about myself… don’t feel motivated. Breaking the cycle isn’t easy, but it can be done. It requires determination, creativity and most of all, patience.

If you or someone you are supporting needs help getting motivated, here are some tips:

  • Make a list of activities or hobbies that you are interested in or had a previous interest in.
  • Break down the activity into small steps.
  • Assess if you require support to complete any of the steps. It’s okay to ask for help! What you can’t do today, does not mean that you won’t be able to do it independently tomorrow, next month or next year. It means that today you need support and through practice and developing strategies you can move toward the goal of independence.
  • Make a plan and if needed do the steps in intervals and check each one off as completed so that you have a sense of completion and accomplishment.
  • Pace yourself and allow for rest breaks so fatigue doesn’t take over.
  • Allow yourself to practice and practice. Rehab doesn’t happen overnight.
  • Keep encouraging yourself and celebrating the steps you have completed. Look in the mirror, smile and say, “Each and every day, I am getting stronger and better in every way.”

3 responses to “Motivation!”

  1. Hello Curtis: We don’t have a PowerPoint presentation on motivation. However, we can offer you a book written by Jeffrey Sebell that would serve as a solid tool to develop conversation and discussion on motivation called: LEARNING TO LIVE WITH YOURSELF AFTER BRAIN INJURY (url: It may be worth the effort to have all members of your group to get a copy and then participate in a discussion on what Jeff talks about in his book He has recently joined the ranks of people who lecture about TBI and you will find a YouTube link on the website when you visit. Hope this helps.

    Lee Horton, Marketing & Sales VP

  2. My name is Curtis D. Matthias and I am the survivor of a severe TBI from a motocross accident that left me in a DEEP coma for 10-days and for a total of 1.5 months if you take in consideration, post traumatic amnesia.

    I’ve always been a self motivated guy and in my career was no different. My career was in corporate engineering sales management of which I was highly successful. My recovery from TBI has been nothing shy of remarkable!

    Friends and family say that with the high level of motivation that I’ve always had, they were not surprised that I was progressing as quick as I was. However, I became aware that my level of motivation was not at all what it used to be. That’s what spurred me to found and serve as the Managing Director for the Bay Area Brain Injury Support Group (BABISG).

    The common thing that I’ve discovered is that most all of our survivors lack any level of motivation that would help them continue to move forward with their rehab. So my question to you is, might you have any information or resources that I can use to build a PowerPoint presentation regarding the many benefits of motivation and how to get it? With this information, I could use it to build a PowerPoint presentation and then present it to the group.

    Your assistance will be GREATLY appreciated.

  3. Motivation is the focus of my TBI method for improvement developed over years of recovery since 2000. The Jarvis Rehabilitation Method measures improvenment through engagement in life and provides specific strategies for improvement. Survivors who have implemented my program have made significant gains in Social, Cognitive, Physical, and Psychological Dimensions of improvement. Please contact me, if you desire to register for my TBI method. See an explanation of this method in the Content Tab under the Power Point link of my web site:

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