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Physical Improvement is Possible!

by Dr. William Jarvis

Never seeing improvement day to day is discouraging, but eventually seeing and knowing improvement is motivating.   Success is seen and experienced in the long term if you record improvement daily no matter how small.  This will encourage a person psychologically.  

Record comments on any problem that you are actively trying to solve in a positive way and you will realize change over time.  An example is as follows: divide progress in walking into two categories; i.e. “speed of walking” and “ease of walking.”  Record the duration of time you exercise.  Devise a rating scale for ease of walking, e.g. 1-10.  Above five is very difficult, fewer than five is easy, and five is average, Record this information daily and you will see improvement in time. 

Recording progress is an important part of this Rehabilitation Method.  A person will see how he is improving, if he records progress.  This will affirm that he is improving and motivate him to continue his effort.  Sometime, this may take weeks.  Use the charts to record progress in each dimension.  Another idea is to record improvement on a digital tape recorder with the date and accomplishment.  Comments can be reviewed routinely for encouragement and to affirm progress. 

A person should be sure to record accomplishments no matter how small they seem.  If success is physical, like moving a finger, record it!  If the improvement is psychological, record it!   A doctor in Fort Wayne told my wife once, “Where there is little, there’s more.”  This was true of physical movement.  Likewise, I think it is true of psychological improvement, “Where there is little improvement, there is more!”   If a person records it, he will realize and see improvement months into the future.  This is extremely motivating for the TBI survivor.  Exercise will have a definite positive effect on physical well being. 

A person can record both quantitative (how much) and qualitative (how well) progress for various exercises.  This will be especially valuable if you have a physical goal.  In the process of meeting a physical goal, a person will be better emotionally, cognitively, and socially in dealing with life.

A person will be more aware of his progress when he can visually see the written record.  This will create “motivation” to keep on with his effort. 

This blog from ideas expressed in the Traumatic Brain Injury Improvement through Motivation. (Jarvis Rehabilitation Method) 

December 21, 2011

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