Back to School on a Budget

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August 29,  2011

Back to school on a budget

The return to school is right around the corner! While parents may be looking forward to children returning to the routine of school, the expenses of clothes and supplies can often be challenging.

Here are a few ideas to help take the strain out of your wallet:

  • If possible, try to put away a few dollars each month to help pay for school supplies and clothes
  • Discuss a budget with your child and make suggestions for compromise
  • Keep the school supply list handy (in the car or your purse) so that when you come across a sale you can take advantage of the low prices
  • Take inventory of what supplies your child has left over from the last year (rulers, geometry sets, pencil crayons, 3-ring binders that are in good shape, pens and highlighters) and use the ones that are still good
  • Arrange an exchange party for your child and their friends to trade clothes and other items like back packs. Make it fun – organize games and have the parents bring goodies and drinks
  • Determine if all the supplies on the school list are needed at the beginning of the year – if not, then purchase essentials to start and the rest later on
  • Check out the dollar stores!

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