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May 10, 2011

Extraordinary People ~ Are you one of them?

Extraordinary people survive under the most terrible circumstances and they become more extraordinary because of it.”

 Robertson Davies (1913-1995)

Over the years, I’ve met hundreds of individuals who have rebounded from difficult, if not tragic, events in their lives.  And each time that I encounter someone new who has survived such an event, I find myself with this same appreciation… those who strive to overcome obstacles in their life are not only strong, courageous and an inspiration…they are extraordinary!


We are not meant to travel the road alone, so when you are working to recover from an illness or injury, it is important to seek out other extraordinary people to support you. It is in building a team of support that one finds the courage and strength to do the work they need to do. You will find extraordinary people in the professional realm (i.e., Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Counselors) and in your personal circle (i.e., spouse, friends, extended family).

It’s important to focus on doing rehab work with the professionals and to nurture and foster the relationships within your circle. While you will build a relationship with your rehab team – they are not a personal, intimate relationship. Your family and friends fulfill the role of love, joy and intimacy so keeping the focus on those relationships in that way is extremely important.  This isn’t to say that your family and friends cannot help you in your rehab, they can. But, it’s very important to allow parents to parents, children to be children and spouses to be spouses. Likewise, it is equally important for extended family and friends.

The work of recovery is challenging. It’s easier on some days and harder on others. Know that everything you do to get better, stronger, and closer to living the life that you want is worth the journey. You will be stronger. You will be courageous. And you will be an inspiration. You are extraordinary!

2 responses to “Extraordinary People”

  1. Julie Unruh says:

    Thank-You, I do truly hope we are EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE.

  2. Marie G. Cooney says:

    Dear Janelle,
    So often we are told how important it is to advocate for ourselves as TBI survivors. Sometimes self-advocacy seems like an oxymoron for someone with a head injury, who might have easily advocated for self and others in other situations prior to injuries. A few of my friends and I have learned that Co=advocacy is what helps us most when struggling through difficulties exaserbated by injuries. Thanks for another thoughtful article.

    Marie Cooney

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