Traumatic Brain Injury Improvement through Motivation

Procedures for Implementing the Jarvis Rehabilitation Method (JRM)

By William C. Jarvis Ed.D.

Record your progress each day.

Record your progress each day.

After traditional therapies at the hospital are done and the survivor is ready to go home or be semi-independent, he she should be ready to implement the Jarvis Rehabilitation Method.  Ideally, he will meet with a coach several times on an out-patient basis to begin implementation.

Dimensions are introduced and discussed separately by Skype or phone.   Objectives and goals will be established for each Dimension by the Survivor and his/her coach.

The survivor will record daily progress in either time spent working on the objective or recording a tally mark that the activity was accomplished. This may represent each attempt for the day.  There is also an opportunity to make daily written comments concerning progress.

The survivor must keep focused on working on present objectives and begin new ones as appropriate to his/her situation.  Improvement may not be recognized day to day; however, the Survivor will see and feel improvement within four to five months.  Instead of a single focus for improvement, a multiple approach has benefits that are personal encouragement as well as improving in one dimension has a positive effect on other dimensions.  Therefore, the Survivor us motivated to continue strategies for improvement and psychologically affirms he/she is getting better.

After participating in this program for six months, the Survivor is administered the same Assessment Test for engagement in life.  It is evident by contrasting scores on an Excel bar graph and a personal experience that improvement is affirmed.

Each participant will be provided conclusive charts to represent the representative scores from the beginning of participation in this program to the ending scores of improvement.  This basic concept is encouraged in subsequent months or years.  Improvement is maximized by continual effort and commitment.

About the author

Dr. Jarvis has been awarded both the 2002 Achiever of the Year by the New Jersey Speech-Language-Hearing Association for Outstanding Communication Improvement and the 2010 Perseverance Award  by the Brain Injury Association of Indiana  in recognition of his courage, hard work, optimistic outlook and dedication to recovery. 

Traumatic Brain Injury Improvement through Motivation

By William C. Jarvis, Ed.D.

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9 responses to “Traumatic Brain Injury Improvement through Motivation”

  1. Dear Rohit,
    You can contact the author directly at for pricing information.
    Marilyn Lash

  2. Rohit says:

    Price of this motivation programme for indians?

  3. John R Blake says:

    Reading Dr. Jarvis book has an immediate motivational effect as you quickly realize this guy walks the talk. He’s proven and refined this system on himself. I had set goals since brain injury, yet not seen results. When you use Dr Jarvis’ method, the results cannot go unnoticed and they are real results seen in your daily path. I highly recommend this book to all I meet who are looking for improvement techniques.

  4. Jessenia Richesin says:

    Love it! Been looking for this information , thanks for posting. Your photography is nice, Sara.

  5. December 12, 2011 @ 6:30 P.M.

    Hi my name is Marilyn.
    I was 8 1/2 years old when I had my TBI. I did not know this term.
    On November 2010 I meet Dr. Jarvis at a TBI meeting here in Fort Wayne. I was 61 years old. Shortly after that I signed up for his program. It has changed my life totally.
    Dr. Jarvis’ program has given me a set of new skills for my tool box that I use every day now.
    I definitely recommend checking his program out you can only go forward with all your own struggles or with relationships with others. AWESOME!
    I went from I can’t do that to I can or I am able to do that with asking for some help. This year I have started many new challenges and completed all of them with confidence I can do others.
    Dr. Jarvis is a great teacher, encourager and mentor. He understands me due to his own brain injuries. He is very smart and he has a great sense of humor.

  6. Chris says:

    Hi my name is Chris,

    I had brain surgery when i was 14 I’m 34 now so it’s been awhile seen i had it. There will always be struggles either with life around you or your personal struggles. It has been a challenge for me and still is but I’m a lot better now due to the help of Dr. Jarvis. I known Dr. Jarvis for almost a year now he has an awesome program in which I recommend to anybody either TBI or not it will defiantly help an DR. Jarvis is inspiring an a good motivator to help you as an individual with your problems. I’m very thankful that I can say that Dr. Jarvis is one of my friends and a mentor if you decided to take his program I’m sure it will help you out a lot. Just have to remember this struggle is all over the ability to overcome those struggles is powerful.

    I recommend checking this out!


    Thanks for reading

  7. Karen Parkison says:

    My husband John had a stroke in 2007 and Dr. Javis has made us feel like we are not alone in this battle and he still continues to help and encourage us. Highly recommend JRM.

  8. Rev. Kathleen Crockford says:

    I was in a car/truck accident in 2008 and sustained a moderate TBI. The healing process was slow and became easily frustrated by my new limitations. I had been an extremely active pastor and editor who, following the accident, was unable to read, write, or interact with others without great pain and fear. When I discovered Dr. Jarvis’ JRM program through a contact on Facebook, and committed to following the method for six months, I was amazed at the change that happened to me within and inside and out. I became more confident, willing to try new things, better able to cope with the changes the TBI brought to my life. I heartily recommend the JRM and appreciate Dr. Jarvis’ willingness to share the wisdom he has gained through his own experience with traumatic and acquired brain injuries.

  9. Sue Morrow says:

    This is a fabulous program to help motivate someone with a brain injury–and to keep the motivation alive!

    My stroke happened in Feb of 2000. I was in a “ten year slump” as far as improving myself at all. Not only was I not trying, but I had found out some of the cognitive issues I had (and hadn’t known about them before)–what was the point in even trying? Then I met Bill through FaceBook, and picked up that he had developed a motivation program. I tried it, and by golly things started turning around! This program helped me change my life back to being functional and improving! The contact with Dr. Jarvis was really great. It made me feel like I was not alone–that he understood where I was coming from, since he has been there himself.

    I recommend checking this out!

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