Let’s Write!

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February 23, 2011

Let’s Write!

Does the mere thought of writing leave you cold? Perhaps it reminds you of the difficult times you had in school trying to write to the satisfaction of your teachers. Or perhaps the thought of writing about your life leaves you thinking there’s nothing in your life worth writing about. To both of these reasons for not journaling, I say: Let them go!

In a journal, there’s no need to worry about grammar, punctuation, or any “rules” of writing. The idea is to get your thoughts and feelings onto the page without any regard about doing it “right.” The only “right” in journal writing is your right to write whatever you please in whatever way works for you.

For those of you who think there’s nothing in your life worth writing about, that’s absolutely false! We humans are walking stories composed of everything that’s ever happened to us, along with our thoughts and feelings about it all. Expressing ourselves is a basic human need, and we’re all entitled to do it. Even if you think you have the most boring life in the world (which isn’t true in any case), you have rich, deep, complex thoughts and emotions. You can surprise yourself when you start putting all of them on paper.

Furthermore, especially after something as traumatic as a brain injury in ourselves or a loved one, we need to learn how to deal with the new reality, the “new normal.” Writing about our confusion, pain, fear, and anger, as well as our hope, joy and love, is one good way to do that.

So, if you want to begin journaling today, here is a simple way to start. Find a place where you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes. Get out your pen and journal (it doesn’t have to be anything fancy) or fire up your computer. Write the date at the top of the page. Then write up to three words describing how you feel. (It’s okay if you have to sit for a few minutes to figure out how you feel.) For instance, you might write, “Angry, confused, exhausted.” Or, “happy, satisfied.”

Next, choose one of those words and write about why you feel that way. For instance, you might begin, “I’m angry because the doctor refuses to explain my brain injury in a way I can understand,” and then continue from there.

Or you might begin, “Happy day! Carol looked me right in the eye and I could tell that she knows who I am,” and continue from there.

See if you can continue writing for at least five minutes. If you want to keep going, feel free. If you like, set a time for the amount of time you want to write. Knowing you have a specific time to stop can make the writing feel  more manageable during your busy day.

Next time: The Story of Your Life

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