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Your Story Matters

by Barbara Stahura

Here’s an excerpt of Barbara’s article.

Why? Because the best way to understand brain injury is to know what it does to people—survivors and family caregivers alike—and how it changes their lives. For instance, an injury to the frontal lobes can harm cognitive functions such as planning, working memory, attention, inhibition, problem solving, initiation, and monitoring one’s actions. Knowing that from a medical standpoint is necessary. Yet that might not make much impact until you know that such an injury can prevent a person from working, which means the loss of a home to the survivor and her young children. Where do they go now? How will they survive? This woman’s story matters not only to her and her family, but also to society.

Remember: Your story matters. Give yourself the gift of a few minutes at least every few days to journal. It can help you clarify your thoughts and feelings about what brain injury has brought into your life. It can be the lifeline to the new story you’ve been searching for.

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December 28, 2011

2 responses to “Journaling – Your Story Matters”

  1. susan says:

    i started a journal, but i am not in the habit of writing in it daily. i feel if someone ever read it they may think i am bashing my fiance. i know it is important to keep one and i will work harder on that. i realy responded because i related to the frontal lobe issue and the effects it has on the family life. we have virtually no support, especially me as the caregiver. my mom just doesn’t get the TBI issue with my fiance and doesn’ want to understand. so that leaves me stuck in the middle of trying to explain his actions to her and deal with caring for him and dealing with his emotional and behavoiral issues and his personality changes.

  2. Marilyn Lash says:

    I was recently at a workshop where many of the women were interested in journaling. However, several of the women were in abusive relationships and feared the reaction if their husbands found their journal. Do you have any suggestions?

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