Build Resiliency with Positive Emotions after Brain Injury

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Build Resiliency with Positive Emotions after Brain Injury

by Barbara Stahura

 Did you know that you can increase your ability to rebound from setbacks and adversity? Like anything else, it takes practice, but it is possible to build your resilience and create a more satisfying life. While resilience is important at any time, it can play an even bigger role after a brain injury to you or a loved one, when your life is disrupted and you face challenges you never imagined.
In today’s post at Journal After Brain Injury, read about one way you can build your “resiliency muscles” by using positive emotions. And then try some of the writing prompts to explore your own resilience levels and discover ways to increase them.
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Barbara Stahura, CJF 

• Certified Journal Facilitator


• blog: Journal After Brain Injury

• Co-author with Susan B. Schuster, M.A., CCC-SLP, of “After Brain Injury: Telling Your Story,” the first journaling workbook for people with brain injury.

• Author of “What I Thought I Knew,” a memoir about how changing my mind changed my life.

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