Support May Come from Unexpected People after Brain Injury

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Support May Come from Unexpected People after Brain Injury

by Janelle Breese Biagioni

I took my grandsons to see The Land Before Time at the movie theatre. This classic children’s film shares the journey of five orphaned dinosaurs as they search for the Great Valley, a part of prehistoric Earth spared in the great earthshake.

All five characters are from different species. They are characterized as the Long Necks, Flat Heads, Sharptooths etc. They have been raised to believe they are different from one another and that they do not do ANYTHING together. The main character Littlefoot, questions his mother about this and she replies, “That’s the way it’s always been.”

During the big earthshake, Littlefoot’s mother engages in a battle with a Sharptooth and she is critically injured and dies. Littlefoot is left alone, heartbroken, and must continue in his journey to find the Great Valley where he will be reunited with his grandparents. Along the way, he meets up with four other dinosaurs who are also orphaned.

The prejudices of this little group come to the forefront, but they quickly learn that they must stick together if they want to survive, regardless of what beliefs they were taught. They open their hearts to see beyond their different species and offer one another love, encouragement and comfort. Had they been told that those they ‘shouldn’t associate with’ would be the ones to help them to achieve their goal, I doubt they would have believed it.

It reminded me how we, as humans, judge others and perhaps shut them out thinking that they couldn’t possibly be of value or assistance to us on our journeys. That thinking is so wrong. You never know who is going to support you… who can lead the way… who will inspire you… who will give you courage and comfort… who will understand you like no other person could. You never know until you open your heart and let them in.

holding handsReflect on those in your life today. Who has been your greatest support since you sustained a brain injury? Who has become important to you since being injured that you did not know before? Is he or she the type of person that you had in your life pre-injury? Is so, why? If not, why? What’s different? How are you different? Do you still have the same beliefs as you did pre-injury?

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