Begin Again Ranch – Part 2

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Greetings friends!

by Terri Mongait

I can’t believe it is already the end of August.  Next month will mark the three year anniversary of my accident.  So much has changed.  After 20 years we sold our home in California and moved our herd (our two horses that were boarded at a riding facility) to 6 acres in Colorado.  So different ~ so much more work.  The move has forced me to be more physically active – caring for a herd of 4 horses (2 of our own and 2 boarded) plus a new herd member – Burrito the mini donkey.  Moving to a ranch and starting a new business has been overwhelming at times.  I do have to admit that it keeps me out of trouble and, yes, forces me to push beyond what I think are my processing limits.  While I do still have minor “pity parties” for myself I still have to care for, clean up after and feed the herd; maintain my website, facilitate workshops, start a new Meet Up group, design and contract for advertising, and keep on moving forward.  (not to mention housework).  Yes, there are definitely days when you can find me curled up on the couch in the afternoon, either reading or napping.

It is good to have critters to care for and I am so very grateful that I still can.  I give myself permission every so often to be discouraged, but then I pick myself up by my “ass” and move on.  Burrito is now an everyday reminder that caring for and loving your “ass” can be a good thing.  He will also be a welcome addition to my client sessions as he really enjoys being around people.  So, my question for you all today is…. Do I really need to stop and take care of myself?  Or am I using my injury as a reason not to push myself further in my recovery?  Hmmm?  No matter what the answer is FOR YOU – honor that ‘cause either way  YOU ARE WORTH IT!

August 30, 2012

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