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Journaling Is Like a Hot Bath

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Journaling Is Like a Hot Bath (Excerpt)

by Barbara Stahura

“You can change the world with a hot bath, if you sink into it from a place of knowing that you are worth profound care, even when you’re dirty and rattled.”    ~ Anne Lamott

Isn’t this a beautiful quote? It warms my heart every time I read it. The phrase “profound care” invites me to sink into it, like that hot bath, and let the waters of deep, intense care embrace me. This sentiment applies to anyone, of course, but, to my mind, it applies especially to family caregivers. These heroic people certainly are “worth profound care,” even though they don’t often allow themselves to believe it—or experience it. And journaling is one way for caregivers to offer themselves this kind of profound care that can relieve stress, lower blood pressure, strengthen immune function, boost mood, lift spirits, improve sleep, offer comfort, build resilience, and so much more.

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Barbara Stahura, CJF
• Certified Journal Facilitator

• http://www.barbarastahura.com

• Blog: Journal After Brain Injury • Co-author with Susan B. Schuster, M.A., CCC-SLP, of “After Brain Injury: Telling Your Story,” the first journaling workbook for people with brain injury.


• Author of “What I Thought I Knew,” a memoir about how changing my mind changed my life.

April 25, 2012