News Release: Survivor of TBI Writes Meditations on Brain Injury

News Release – Survivor of TBI Writes Meditations on Brain Injury

December 27, 2012

Youngsville, NC – Life after a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is seldom easy, but Mike Strand knows it is possible not only to survive but to thrive. Strand, who at age 25 sustained a TBI that left him in a 10-day coma and sent him into a year of grueling rehabilitation therapy, is one such thrive. Along the way, he learned a great deal about how to first accept the changes caused by his injury and then to move forward into a rewarding post-TBI life. Ten years after his injury, he began writing about his hard-won lessons, and these short essays are now collected in the second edition of his book, Meditations on Brain Injury.

Not a writer before his TBI, Strand found that writing helped him turn vague thoughts about his experiences into more substantial information he suspected would be helpful for other survivors, who often feel isolated and unsure of how to move forward. His book offers touching, sometimes humorous, insights on topics such as self-esteem, being dependent, and re-creating one’s identity after a TBI has altered one’s personality and prevented the return to one’s former life.

Strand does not use the word “recovery” to describe his journey since his 1989 accident because “it’s too limiting.” He prefers the term “post-TBI.” In life “Post-TBI, you’re not even going in the same direction,” he explains, “and if you’re trying to recover, all you’re doing is trying to get back to where you were. Instead, take stock of what you’ve got, look at where you want to go, and start working toward it.”

Meditations on Brain Injury provides short, easily readable essays that can help others who are living with a brain injury to “not only see what is, but what can be,” he says, and create a satisfying, life post-brain injury.  This book will also give families and caregivers insight into the journey of brain injury.

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