News Release: Compassion Fatigue Tip Card by Janet Cromer

News Release: New Compassion Fatigue Tip Card

June 26, 2012

Janet Cromer, expert on compassion fatigue among caregivers.

Janet Cromer, expert on compassion fatigue among caregivers.

Youngsville, NC – Janet Cromer, an expert on coping with caregiver stress, is the author of a new tip card titled, Compassion Fatigue: When Caring Hurts the Caregiver, published by Lash and Associates Publishing/Training. Written for family members and other caregivers, she explains why and how caregivers of survivors of brain injury are at risk for compassion fatigue which is a form of secondary traumatic stress. She clearly describes the warning signs of physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral changes that may worsen and harm a caregiver’s health, functioning, and relationships. It provides tips for empowering yourself to care for your mind, body, spirit, and relationships as your first priority. There are also tips to care for your body, mind, and spirit along with suggestions for how to make caregiving safer and more satisfying.

This is a great practical and informative resource for families as well as agencies providing home care services. While it is directed at caregiving for persons with acquired brain injuries, the content is useful for caregivers for persons with any serious illness or disability.

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