Computer Usage and Traumatic Brain Injury?

Computer Use and Traumatic Brain Injury! 

by William C. Jarvis, Ed.D.

What is Research Showing?

Research has determined that the use of a computer helps brain stimulation. The playing of computer games significantly improved a young boy’s concentration that was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. A software program has been successfully used in a touch screen format to exercise the mind of an 81-year-old resident of Belmont Village Senior Living in Sabre Springs, a suburb of San Diego.

Proven to Effect Brain Function and Create Stimulation

The use of the computer as a strategy for brain stimulation helps effect cognition. The activity doing email, word processing, or games, combined with other strategies may well bring a positive effect for the TBI survivor. The use of the computer not only helps thinking skills, but also may be of benefit to fine motor coordination for the physical dimension. There is the added psychological benefit of achieving success at something concrete.

What’s Stopping You from Using a Computer?

Therefore, use this technology to your advantage.  Do email, do some journaling on the computer, write articles about brain injury for your local newspaper or for Lash and Associates, start to write a book and continually add to the file, etc.  By being engaged in a cognitive activity you will improve in cognitive thought as well as many other aspects of your daily life.

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4 responses to “Computer Usage and Traumatic Brain Injury?”

  1. Mitch says:

    Great article. I am a survivor myself and I have started a campaign called Technology for TBI Survivors. Read my story here.

  2. Hello there. I was thinking about adding a hyperlink back to your website since both of our sites are based mostly around the same subject. Would you prefer I link to you using your website address: or blog title: Computer Use and Traumatic Brain Injury. Please make sure to let me know at your earliest convenience. Thanks alot :). Kindest regards

  3. John Lewis Barrella says:

    I have now used a computer to write down my daily activities for over 10 years. FOR HEAD INJURY…memory is often impaired. In the cognitive classes in the Rusk it took years to head, understand, utilize “proper” memories…then to store them either for further use or for future need. Finally some awareness is coming out about this…

  4. Ali Miah says:

    I’ve been looking all over the place for this type of data. Thanks for sharing with everybody. This will really help me with my research project. Cheers!

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