News Release: New Workbook Focuses on Coping Skills for Families and Adults with Brain Injury

News Release: New Workbook Focuses on Coping Skills for Families and Adults with Brain Injury  

December 28, 2012

Youngsville, NC: LASH AND ASSOCIATES PUBLISHING/TRAINING announces new book featuring innovative program for building coping skills for life after brain injury.

Given all the devastating changes a brain injury can create within an entire family, it’s crucial that survivors and caregivers be able to learn the skills they need to cope with their “new normal.” Unfortunately, once survivors are released from therapies, they and their family caregivers typically are left to sink or swim on their own. With no long-term assistance or education in those important skills, far too many sink, often with disastrous results. But it need not be this way.

In Brain Injury Coping Skills: A Support and Education Program for Adults with Brain Injury and Their Caregivers, Indianapolis clinical neuropsychologist Samantha Backhaus, PhD, and Summer Ibarra, MA, have created a program to teach those adaptive coping strategies so necessary after a brain injury. This 117 page workbook contains instructions for group facilitators as well as all content and worksheets on CD for the 16 week program of 20 sessions.

Brain Injury Coping Skills (BICS) uses cognitive-behavioral therapy, one of the most validated therapeutic interventions, to teach people the tools they need to explore their belief systems about themselves, others, and the world, and then make changes to those beliefs when necessary. By participating in the seven-module program presented by a trained facilitator, people with brain injury and their family caregivers can learn to live more satisfactorily, even with all the changes wrought by the injury.

In her many years of working with people with brain injury and their family caregivers, Dr. Backhaus has witnessed their distress and depression. Falling into these emotional states leads to poorer outcomes for the entire family, wastes a great deal of human potential and productivity, and causes much unnecessary stress and anguish. So she created BICS to help them improve their perceived self-efficacy, which is confidence in their ability to handle challenging situations.

“It’s important that these issues be addressed in both survivors and caregivers,” she says, “so that people can continue to have good long-term quality of life after brain injury.”

Dr. Samantha Backhaus, PhD, is a respected clinical neuropsychologist at the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana, in Indianapolis She created BICS and won the 2009 McDowell Award for Best Presentation presented by the American Society of Neurorehabilitation and was named a Healthcare Hero in her community in 2001 for her work in neurorehabilitation.

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    This is exactly what im looking for can’t find this kind of support in my community. Thanks. Kimberly Bland!

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