Getting Help for PTSD is a Step Forward for Veterans

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Getting Help for PTSD is a Step Forward for Veterans

by Matt Brown

Admitting that you have an issue with PTSD isn’t a sign of weakness. It is a sign that you are truly a strong person. Actively seeking a treatment plan or someone to talk with can be one of the most difficult things to do in your life, but it also can be one of the most rewarding.

Don’t sit by and let your life fall apart around you. PTSD affects more than you. It will affect your health, your attitude, and possibly employment. The thing you may not realize is the effects on your marriage, relationship with your children, and the strain on your family ties.

PTSD can cause you to say or do things that you do not mean to. By no means is PTSD an excuse to abuse verbally or physically abuse anyone or anything, but you may do these things without realizing it. When you have an “episode” with PTSD, you can hurt people. You could ruin your marriage or worse go to jail and lose everything.

Stepping forward and seeking help can possibly save all of these things. It is something that you cannot wait till tomorrow to find this help. You cannot fix a dead family. If you have put a strain on your relationships for so long – waiting one more day could be the last straw.

Act now and step forward. It is said that it is never too late to fix things, but that always isn’t the case. If there is nothing to fix, then you are too late. There are plenty of programs out there to help you with these issues.

Step up and don’t become another number on a page.


August 31, 2012

3 responses to “Getting Help for PTSD is a Step Forward for Veterans”

  1. Terri Stober says:

    What can we do to help?

  2. Matthew Brown says:


    No problem at all. I completely understand where he is coming from. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you. We are all here to assist our service men and woman (like myself) and try to make a better life for them. Also check out The Triumph Book: Heroes in there my wife and mother share part of there story as my care givers.

  3. Ashley C. says:

    Thank you!! You are 110% right. we have been dealing with this for several years. Thanks to all the help out there my husband feels some what whole again. -Proud Marine Wife

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