Learning From Your “Teachers”

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Learning From Your “Teachers” (Excerpt)

by Barbara Stahura

Life offers us many teachers, some quite unexpected, and if we pay attention, we can learn a great deal from them. After a brain injury, to yourself or a loved one, discovering our “teachers” and learning from them can help us settle into our new normal and continue to progress and grow. Journaling for a few minutes about these teachers can enlighten us and point us in new directions we hadn’t considered before.
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Barbara Stahura, CJF

Certified Journal Facilitator
• http://www.barbarastahura.com
• Blog: Journal After Brain Injury http://journalafterbraininjury.wordpress.com
• Co-author with Susan B. Schuster, M.A., CCC-SLP, of “After Brain Injury: Telling Your Story,” the first journaling workbook for people with brain injury.
• Author of “What I Thought I Knew,” a memoir about how changing my mind changed my life.

February 10, 2012

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