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No Two Paths are Alike by David Grant

No Two Paths are Alike

by David A. Grant

Where has FATE led Us?

My Fate has lead me down a path where I do have a very unique insight into the realm of brain injury that only comes from living it. If you add together every bit of knowledge I’ve gleaned from the books I read, the websites I’ve poured through, the doctors I’ve talked to, the summation of all of that “outside information” is only a speck of dust compared to what I’ve learned firsthand by actually living daily with a brain injury.

One of the great revelations in all of this is that no two paths are alike. My brain, unlike any other part of me that might, over the course of my lifetime been injured, takes its own time to recover. Its timeline is completely its own.

Seminal Points of the Recovery Journey

My greatest single period of recovery thus far was at the fifteen to sixteen month point after my accident. At that point, I walked through a period of recovery that was both unexpected and profoundly life-changing. For the first time since my accident, I have moments – moments mind you – of life that was close to normal. I had glimpses of my pre-accident self. It was akin to being reacquainted with an old friend.

No, there was not the absence of all challenges. But it was like the volume was turned down on many of my most glaring symptoms.

Embrace Recovery as Ongoing — not an Ending!

If you are reading this and are a brain injury survivor who has been told you are as good as you’ll get, I implore you to not pay attention to what you were told. I am glad I chose not to accept what I was told and continued my aggressive road to recovery well beyond the one year point.

At one of my monthly brain injury support group meetings, a member shared that year three was her year of the most gains.

Yes, every journey is different. My experience is part of my own personal journey, and you have your own path to walk. But pay limited attention to those who share information that may hold you back.

About the Author

David A. Grant is a writer based out of New Hampshire and the author of Metamorphosis, Surviving Brain Injury. A survivor of a harrowing cycling accident in 2010, David openly shares his experience, strength and hope as a brain injury survivor.


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