Raging Storm of Veteran’s PTSD

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August 21, 2012

Raging Storm of Veteran’s PTSD





Water falls to the ground 
Cutting through the air with ease
Softly caressing the leaves
Gliding to the earth
Breathing new life to the World

Distant flashes
Bring discord
To the harmony 
They rumble quietly
Making an entrance
To the symphony of life

Wind awakening
Once still branches
Bending the rain at will
Driving it
Quickening to escape from the clouds
Trying to avoid the growing anger of the storm

Brilliant light
Streaks the sky
Thunderous sound erupts
In every corner of the landscape

This once life-bringing miracle
Now has taken shape
To a killer
Showing its amazing power

The once quaint
Tranquil scene
Has transformed to a battle zone
Of epic proportions 

No signs of the storm breaking
Growing in intensity
The terrain devastated
Constant bombardment
No relief

This isn’t a far-off land
Not a strange valley
This is the mind of a Veteran 
A Veteran suffering
An unseen injury:

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2 responses to “Raging Storm of Veteran’s PTSD”

  1. John R. Brown says:

    Keep up the good work Son…Lov ya

  2. You could use a Service Dog to help you through your storms…please check them out…
    God Bless you, and thank you…

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