Four Ways to Insure TBI Improvement!

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September 26, 2012

Four ways to insure TBI improvement!

Improvement after a severe TBI after you go home is always difficult.  This is because of the injury and usually the lack of ideas as to what to do.    When in the hospital you have the expertise of therapists and medical personnel.  When you go home, you often lack the clear thinking or experience to know what to do.

My experience with improvement over the past eleven years has helped me to develop a TBI rehabilitation method that works.  Deliberate strategies will foster improvement.  These strategies, although stated very specifically in my manual, can be summarized and condensed to four main principles.  It is necessary to have correct coaching and support in implementing these principles, but the basic four are as follows:

1. Share improvement deliberately with someone else when you realize any improvement in abilities.  Have ongoing interactions with others.

2. Write your thoughts every day.  (Journaling, articles, a book, etc.)  Explain something verbally to someone every day.

3. Record active progress daily in performing specific objectives you have made to improve in a certain goal.  Hold yourself accountable.

4. Always remain optimistic about improving and never give up!  Believe you will improve!

Research has shown that TBI/ABI Survivors will improve over time.  Recent studies of the brain have shown the great power of the adult brain to mend some damaged areas and there is more brain activity when given challenging tasks to accomplish.  A TBI/ABI Survivor wants to maximize possible improvement.

My personal experience and applied field studies of my rehabilitation method have shown that good gains can be made by implementing these four basic ideas.  Of course, every brain injury is different and no two people have the same challenges.  However, having a plan for improvement that has been shown to offer improvement is better than having no plan at all!   Each idea fosters improvement in a dimension, i.e., Social, Cognitive, Physical, Psychological, and reinforces synergistic healing.

2 responses to “Four Ways to Insure TBI Improvement!”

  1. Bill Jarvis says:

    Mary Alice, Thank you so much for contacting me. I remember your name, but can’t remember the face. I’m in Fort Wayne, IN now and retired for the University. See my web site: How severe are your injuries now? email me at


  2. Mary Alice Maher says:

    Hi Bill, I was with you 11 years ago at Hartwyck- Center for Head Injuries at Oak Tree in Edison, NJ. We were in TL together. I am currently back there now- out patient, as I have had another brain aneurysm surgery. Do you remember me? Hope you are well! 🙂
    Mary Alice Maher

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