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Brain Injury Awareness Month

Cheryl Green

Brain Injury Blog by Cheryl Green

March 6, 2013

Brain Injury Awareness Month

Be aware for one month

I find it uncomfortable to have only one month to be aware of something. Be aware of Black History in February, and then put it away. Be aware of Brain Injury in March, and then put it away. I’ve heard someone mention one Disability Awareness Week in March. Only one week? That’s not enough. And during my month? That’s too much.

Life isn’t like that. We don’t get to put ourselves away, and why would we want to?

Be aware for the year

So I’ve been wondering how we can extend individual topic months. The best way I can think of is to join up with each other. Because what is each group asking for? Respect, dignity, recognition, civil rights, social justice, advocating for change for the better, acknowledgment for the struggles and triumphs of the group, and a sense of community. If we are asking for the same thing, we can link arms month by month and keep going all year long.

Be aware for a lifetime

I’m devouring information about people in different groups than I am. I’ve recently read memoirs on several people born with physical disabilities, all older than me, of different racial backgrounds. I look at the art of people with different disabilities. I watch films that show what was going on at different times of their lives like before the ADA and racial integration versus now.

And most importantly, after I read and look at these things, I talk to someone about them. That’s how we build up the network and keep momentum going. Then, we don’t have to put anyone’s month out of our minds just because we turned the page of the calendar.