Katherine Kimes, EdD


Dr. Katherine Kimes is a brain injury education specialist.  She is the president/owner of ABI Education Services, LLC, a business focused on providing consultation, training, in-school support and transition services to children adolescents and young adults with acquired brain injury.

Effective Service Coordination for Students with Acquired Brain Injury or ABI in School

Educating Students with Brain Injury (TBI): The Big Picture for Schools

In-School Strategies Can Help with Students with Memory after TBI

Helping Students in School with Attention after Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI

Managing Behavior in Children after Brain Injury or TBI

Behavioral Changes in Children and Adolescents with Brain Injury

Executive Function Deficits in Children and Youth with Brain Injury

Students with Traumatic Brain Injury: Challenge Teachers and Schools

Students with Traumatic Brain Injury: Changing Educational Systems

Behavior Management in School for a Student with a Brain Injury




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