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Brain and Healing by William Jarvis

Brain Injury Blog by William C. Jarvis, Ed. D.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Brain Injury and Healing

All TBI survivors and caregivers need to know that improvement is possible, even years later. It always amazes me the amount of healing that can take place in the brain. The brain is always trying to do things in parts that have been injured and even sometimes other parts of the brain take over. This does not mean 100% healing, but it does mean you can be better tomorrow than you are today!!!

Survivors will experiences different amount of healing and in different functions.  Be patient to see healing and never stop working on it.  It is when you stop that the potential for healing stops.  The important thing to remember is not to be discouraged and always think optimistically.  This will do far more for healing and psychological wellness.

Why is every TBI different? Then, what are the answers? Because the brain controls every part of the body, (movement, speech, thinking, etc.) a multitude of different limitations can exist. The answer is to always be working to improve something while at the same time develop the things you CAN DO!! You will find you are more capable than you think and can do a lot. NEVER STOP TRYING!!

Over thirteen years I have implemented specific strategies to improve healing.  While improvement has been very slow, I am amazed in my own experience how much better I am.  There are certain limitations that continue to be a problem, but I would say there are far more that have diminished greatly.  This is good news and gives real hope to TBI/ABI Survivors.