Brain Injury Pancakes

Brain Injury Pancakes

by Cheryl Green

Being sassy

pancakes2When I do something well that used to be really hard, I am so proud. But if I get too proud, I call it “being sassy.” That’s when my logic has gone out the window. For example, if I finally finish a Sudoku, I might then decide I have no more brain injury impairments, and I will go for a run. I’m dizzy within a few blocks, and then a loud truck goes by and frightens me. I turn around and come home, head held low. Oh yeah, I think to myself. Sudoku is Sudoku. Jogging in a noisy, busy place is something very different.

Today, I got sassy and decided to make pancakes without pre-planning. After all, I used to always make anything I wanted to eat without pre-planning. I felt good this morning, energized and motivated. Let’s go, pancakes!

How to make brain injury pancakes

  1. Pour pancake mix from a bag more or less into most of a measuring cup. Dump it in a bowl. Pretend like you actually measured the powder and console yourself that it will be fine because it’s a mix.
  2. Put the powder away without reading instructions about how to stir it and for how long and whether you should get out the lumps.
  3. Add the water.
  4. Add the oil.
  5. Oops. Turn on the skillet.
  6. Stir. Oops, get out a fork to stir. Stir.
  7. Once it is well mixed, decide that you have not eaten enough fruit lately. Pour in a jar of WHOLE, FROZEN strawberries from your yard.
  8. Pretend you don’t notice that the batter has seized up and become impossible to pour because it’s so cold.
  9. Throw some batter onto the hot skillet and become immediately upset that the strawberries are so large that you’ll never be able to get the batter flat on the skillet to cook all the way through. Plus, it won’t spread out because it’s still cold.
  10. So, just let them burn.
  11. And enjoy!

Beauty is on the inside

I loved the way the pancakes tasted. They were really difficult to look at, but at the end of the day they were yummy. And I’m sure they were just as nutritious as if I had cooked them correctly.

After a brain injury, it might be hard to find joy in doing things you used to do more easily, like measuring out pancake mix. But once we accept the new results with a smile instead of judging ourselves and our results, joy begins to return on its own.

2 responses to “Brain Injury Pancakes”

  1. James Booker says:

    It’s great that you keep coming back from your downs, keep heading forward and looking to the future 🙂

    I bet that the pancakes tasted really yummy 🙂
    I’ll have to try making some !

  2. Joy Corcoran says:

    I think I can follow that recipe. I’m glad you loved your pancakes and I think they nourished all of us. Your humor is sparkly and makes me glad I’m a (flawed) human. Keep writing and cooking — and make sure you have a smoke alarm 🙂

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