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Finding Purpose In Being a Brain Injury Survivor by Mike Heikes

Finding Purpose In Being a Brain Injury Survivor

By Mike Heikes

“It does not matter what has happened to you, what matters is what you decide to do with it.”

This book is the story of my journey from a brain injury so severe that when my head was shaved for neurosurgery, my hair was saved in case my parents wanted an open casket at my funeral, to successfully riding bicycle in all 50 states, Washington DC, and all the bordering Canadian provinces.

Through those rides I raised over $100,000 for charity. Through the book I found my purpose in being a brain injury survivor by forming Helmets For Kids.

This book tells how I am fulfilling my purpose in life by speaking with kids about why they should wear a properly fitted helmet every time they ride a bicycle. I give away thousands of free bicycle helmets each year to prevent brain injuries like mine. It tells how I try to prevent alcohol related automobile accidents by telling my story in high schools and colleges.

The book is a “must read” for young people who are starting to drive or are moving out on their own for the first time. Brain Injury survivors, their family and friends, as well as those who work with them will find it interesting.

Those who enjoy a book where the underdog wins will thoroughly enjoy Finding Purpose In Being a Brain Injury Survivor,  a.k.a. “Pedal Monster.”

I welcome invitations to speak in schools, civic clubs, churches, and where ever people want to hear my story. I will speak with any group, large or small. I can be reached at 218-736-6023 BEFORE 7:00 pm Central Time.

About the Author

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