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Hi God, it’s me, David – After My Brain Injury! by David Grant

 Hi God, it’s me, David – After My Brain Injury!

I know I should check-in more often. We both know things can get busy. I only have a handful of kids and that keeps me busy enough. I can’t imagine having a few billion children to look after.

Thanks for understanding. God knows my heart is in the right place. Um… yes, You know.

I’m still working on healing. It’s been such a long road. It’s been a bit over 28 months since the accident that came close to ending this leg of my soul’s journey. Sarah and I are both happy I’m still here. Stuff gets hard sometimes. Living life since my accident has been such a trip. Sometimes I feel like I “do” less but like I “am” more. It’s hard to describe. I feel like a deeper thinker than I ever was.

Being so near to death probably does that to a lot of your kids.

Take today, for instance. I pushed out 15 miles on my mountain bike. I wear an old sock over my neon green cast to keep the road dirt off it…and to cause passers-by to not do a bit of a double take.

And today I thought about stardust.

Since my accident, I’ve taken up an interest in nuclear physics. That alone is a bit of an oddity. Most of your Kids don’t realize that all the matter that we see, all that we touch, all that defines the word as we see it, all that matter comes from exploding stars. Every atom and molecule that makes me is a piece of stardust. Virtually every human being who has walked the Earth since time began is made of stardust. It’s a bit humbling.

Can I ask you a question?

When I look into the night sky and see stars, am I really looking at the building blocks of people yet to be born? The raw ingredients of souls yet to be born? There is so much mystery in Your world.

I’m going to do my best to keep on healing. So much has changed since my brain injury. It’s like the very foundation of my world has shifted. What’s up is down, what was left is now right. There was a time in my past where I placed a bit more value on the material than I should have. But if I look at the richest of the rich in today’s troubled world, all that material wealth will not add a single heartbeat to someone’s life.

Ahhh, but you’ve shown me that by trying to give back, the number of my heartbeats may not increase, but the value of my days is beyond that of the richest of men. In Your infinite wisdom, You have granted me that and so many other new awareness’s.

For those gifts, I thank You.

I’ll try to not get so busy that I sometimes forget to say thank you. But please know that in my heart, in my heart of hearts, I am grateful that You spared my life 28 months ago.

And if I really believe that You spared my life, I know it was spared for a reason.

A reason I am still trying to figure out.

I guess that makes me pretty human.

About the Author

David A. Grant is a writer based in New Hampshire and the author of Metamorphosis, Surviving Brain Injury. A survivor of a harrowing cycling accident in 2010, David openly shares his experience, strength and hope as a brain injury survivor.

For more information please visit www.metamorphosisbook.com/