Life goes on after TBI – Fourteen Years Later by William C. Jarvis, Ed.D.

Life’s lessons about brain injury

bookThere has been great difficulty over the years.  I am now retired, divorced, and have lingering TBI issues.  My TBI problems are not as bad as they were, but are still challenging.

What I have learned is that life goes on and issues get somewhat easier to deal with. I suppose you learn how to adjust to your new life. At any rate, life is always challenging for everyone; you have the TBI to deal with on top of normal problems. The good news is, “It is possible!!!”

Keep moving forward for improvement – persevere!

Improvement after a traumatic (TBI) or acquired (ABI) brain injury is always possible. The question is, “How much will you be able to commit of your time and sincere focus to do whatever it takes to work at it?” This may mean additional out-patient therapy, keeping abreast of new literature concerning your limitations, and working at home with a daily plan for improvement. This daily plan may very well include very small goals that address specific issues.

A person’s ability to keep moving forward during very difficult times is psychologically challenging. There will be the up and down of progress in improvement. It is essential to persevere through all of this! Only those who keep working at it and rise above discouragement will ultimately succeed in maximizing improvement.

“Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage      to continue that counts.”  Winston Churchill

Life can get better  

After fourteen years, there are still things I can’t do; however, there are more things I can do! Life is better because I did not give up.

There are more people to help you than to hurt you! This gives great comfort to anyone who is experiencing this. Never give up your quest for a normal life. Although you have the added stress of a brain injury, you will find the ability to move forward in life – if you persevere through the difficult times.  Remember, giving up is an option; going on with life is an option. Do the latter!!

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    Thanx 4 encouraging work…

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