The Calm before the Storm by Delanie L. Stephenson

Surviving a Stroke and Rebuilding My Life

The storm of stroke.

The storm of stroke.

At the age of thirty-three, Delanie Stephenson was enjoying life with her husband, two kids, and a teaching job she loved. Blessings abounded, and Delanie thanked God for each one. But it only took a single instant to change it all.

A terrible headache struck her on June 6, 2012, and no amount of ibuprofen could take care of it. Delanie had a stroke – similar to the stroke that Delanie’s twenty-nine-year-old sister had suffered a year before. What were the odds of two sisters suffering the same ailment? Delanie’s entire family was in a state of shock, and the news became worse when the doctors were unsure whether Delanie would walk or talk again.

In her memoir, The Calm before the Storm, Delanie describes that summer of 2012 in detail, from those first harried days in the ICU to the tedious physical therapy as she slowly began to crawl her way back to recovery. Not only did Delanie walk and talk again; she emerged from her ordeal even stronger and decided that she would never again take life for granted.

Filled with intimate details and the amazing resilience of the human spirit, The Calm before the Storm shares one woman’s amazing journey from stroke victim to stroke survivor.

About the author

Delanie Stephenson is a former history teacher who lives with her husband and two children in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. She likes to read and spend time with her family.  It had always been a dream to right a book and now that dream came true.

To Order

The book can be ordered through Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

Hardbacks and paperback versions are available at Barnes and Noble :

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You can also contact Delanie directly to order a signed copy of her book at:  Please provide address in the body of the email message.  There will be a $5 shipping and handling fee added to all orders through Delanie Stephenson directly.  All checks should be made out to Delanie Stephenson.  Paperbacks are $15 and hardbacks are $25 if ordered directly from the author.

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